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WWE Survivor Series 2017: Braun Strowman - A merciless Superstar in the making

763   //    20 Nov 2017, 19:49 IST

The Monster Among Men - Braun Strowman
The Monster Among Men - Braun Strowman

The biggest mistake they made was believing that monsters did not exist' reads Braun Strowman's Twitter cover.

Ripping apart; smackin' em down; puts the whole WWE universe on notice; decimate with a thunderous slam; crushing the ribs; slamming right through the barricades - this is what echoes from the commentator's mics when the man who calls himself a monster is inside the ring.

While the fans chant anthems of his name, the former strongman competitor is an absolute destroyer when facing his opponents. From crushing the biggest athlete in the world, to turning vehicles upside down with his bare hands, ripping off anything that can come off and stunning former world champions time and again, this giant slayer certainly has the promise of a merciless WWE superstar in the making.

Team Raw vs Team Smackdown elimination match - the biggest battle for brand supremacy in the WWE Survivor Series 2017 saw more than its fair share of plot twists. As if ten warriors pitted against each other was not enough, we had "The Monster Among Men" stamp his ruthlessness post the win.

Who was on Team Raw?

-- Kurt Angle

-- Triple H

-- Braun Strowman

--Finn Bálor

--Samoa Joe


Who was on Team Smackdown?

-- Shane McMahon

-- Shinsuke Nakamura

-- Randy Orton

-- John Cena,

-- Bobby Roode

What made "The Monster Among Men" turn hostile on Triple H?

What would WWE be without the unanticipated turn of events at every move? Inarguably, boring! Kurt Angle from team RAW was crushing Shane McMahon's bones with the deadly Angle Lock and paving the way for his team's road to victory when Triple H decided to turn the tables.

The Angle Lock by Kurt Angle
The Angle Lock by Kurt Angle

An out of the blue 'pedigree' to the former Olympic champion by Triple H stunned the audience and the commentators alike. Was it a move to save Shane McMahon from the wrath of Kurt Angle or another pot-boiler in the making for the forthcoming Wrestlemania is still to be seen?

The Pedigree by Triple H
The Pedigree by Triple H

This did not go down well with Braun as he punished Triple H with two successive running down powerslams in the ultimate show of raw power and strength.

The devastating powersalm by Braun Strowman
The devastating Powerslam by Braun Strowman

"You never double-cross me, I don't care what team you are on, who you work for, who you play for, if you get in my way the results will always be the same; you will fall to the monster among men," said Braun in a post-match interview proudly claiming that he does not regret his actions. One thing is for sure, this monster is only on one side and that is #TeamBraun.

How the fans reacted?

The Twitterati made the most of the last five minutes of adventure in the ring from the Survivor Series elimination match. Here are some of the best reactions hailing Braun as 'The Monster'.

Social Media Fans Reaction
Social Media Fans Reaction (images courtesy: Twitter)

The new face of destruction in WWE is here to stay. Braun's antics remind us of the ruthless days of Mad Dog Vachon, Lethal Weapon Steve Blackman, Scott Steiner, Ravishing Rick Rude, The Iron Sheik, Dr Death, The Undertaker (in his heydays), Haku, and Ken Shamrock among others.

The WWE Universe hopes to see more fear building upon the faces of Braun's opponents and a slew of record-worthy fights inside the ring.

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