WWE TLC 2018 Preview: 16th December 2018

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose's grudge rivalry culminates at TLC
Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose's grudge rivalry culminates at TLC

It's time for the final Pay-Per-View of the year: TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs. RAW may not have been the best of late under Baron Corbin's reign of terror, but post-TLC, things are looking exciting.

The blue brand, on the other hand, has been far more impressive, but unfortunately for them, it hasn't reflected in the ratings. Either way, things are going to be exciting for TLC.

Surprisingly, three titles are not on the line at TLC. The RAW Tag Team Championship, the United States Championship and of course, the Universal Championship. It seems like they chose to do everything with the RAW tag titles on RAW itself (including the title change) and just ignored the United States Championship.

Maybe it's possible that with certain titles, they'll choose to give them more emphasis on television. Either way, they've not done justice to Shinsuke Nakamura in his US title run. Without getting any further, let's see what you have to look forward to at TLC!

Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton - Chairs match

Will Mysterio get his revenge?
Will Mysterio get his revenge?

For the past few weeks, Randy Orton has been taunting, disrespecting and humiliating Rey Mysterio. First, he took off his mask on live TV, the biggest sign of disrespect to the Luchador culture. He attempted it time and again and began brutalising Mysterio by attacking him with steel chairs and even placing them around his neck and further damaging it.

Orton alone has attempted to destroy the mystique of Mysterio after his comeback, but anyone who's followed Mysterio in his earlier WWE days knows that the legend is all heart and will never take a beating without fighting back.

Mysterio will look to get his vengeance on The Viper. Expect a lot of chair shots and a lot of pain!

Finn Balor vs Drew McIntyre

Will The Scottish Psychopath continue his road of destruction?
Will The Scottish Psychopath continue his road of destruction?

The Scottish Psychopath Drew McIntyre has been on a tear since his WWE main roster return this past year. He's shown a whole new side to himself and found himself in crosshairs with Finn Balor. McIntyre, who is now aligned with GM-Elect Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley has been dishing out a whole lot of punishment towards Balor.

Balor has been fighting back and was responsible for giving McIntyre his first pinfall loss in over a year when he faced his now-old partner Dolph Ziggler. McIntyre did end up getting his win back the following week when Balor wasn't there, proving that the loss was nothing but a fluke.

McIntyre is the clear favourite to win the match and unless Demon Balor shows up, he doesn't stand too much of a chance against McIntyre. Will Balor resort to the Demon to get one over McIntyre?

Elias vs Bobby Lashley (w/ Lio Rush) - Ladder match

Elias has been a similar victim to Finn Balor
Elias has been a similar victim to Finn Balor

Ever since turning in favour of the WWE Universe, Elias has been one of the hottest stars on the roster. Unfortunately for him, Bobby Lashley doesn't seem to think so and has used his alliance with Corbin and McIntyre to constantly get one over Elias.

Elias, too, has been fighting back but so far it hasn't been enough. He's suffered one defeat to Lashley already (albeit help from Corbin and McIntyre), and he even got his hype man Lio Rush to face Elias.

Rush shockingly defeated Elias after referee Heath Slater was too scared to go against Lashley (due to his alignment with Corbin). It's been pure corruption all around and hopefully for Elias, Heath Slater is not going to be the referee for the match.

However, knowing Corbin, Slater will be the referee for the McIntyre, Lashley and the GM's match with Braun Strowman. How will this corruption end?

The Bar (c) vs The New Day vs The Usos - SmackDown Tag Team Championship

The Bar's odds have drastically reduced
The Bar's odds have drastically reduced

This feud represents the cream of the crop of SmackDown Live. It's the three best tag teams, arguably in all of WWE going head-to-head. Don't be surprised if this opens the show simply due to how fast-paced and exciting it's going to be.

With that said, post-Rap Battle and everything, it seems clear that there's a high chance of a title change. The Bar's odds don't seem good at all. We believe that the title will change hands at TLC.

Buddy Murphy (c) vs Cedric Alexander - Cruiserweight Championship

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205 Live GM Drake Maverick announced the rematch between Buddy Murphy and Cedric Alexander. Alexander reigned strong as Cruiserweight Champion for six months before losing it to Murphy at his hometown of Melbourne.

Murphy has been on a tear, with a successful defence against Mustafa Ali as well. It's going to be an epic, high-flying and fast-paced match that will have the crowd on the edge of their seats. Don't sleep on this one!

Natalya vs Ruby Riott - Tables match

It's been all mind games from Riott
It's been all mind games from Riott

Ever since last month, Ruby Riott has found different ways to try to get inside Natalya's head. First, she got the sunglasses of the late great Jim Neidhart, Natalya's father and snapped it in front of her.

Earlier this week, she put up a sticker of Neidhart on a table. She's clearly in Natalya's head, but will The Queen Of Harts strike back and get her vengeance? It seems very clear that she's intent on sending Riott through a table and getting her redemption.

Ronda Rousey (c) vs Nia Jax (w/ Tamina) - RAW Women's Championship

Can Nia Jax continue her momentum?
Can Nia Jax continue her momentum?

Nia Jax has had Tamina on her side and it has helped her more than she has realised. Now, we have a rematch of Money In The Bank this year, with the roles reversed. This time Rousey is the champion.

Rousey still remains undefeated in WWE and the biggest threat to her title reign so far undoubtedly has to be Nia Jax. Jax has been bragging about concussing Becky Lynch, but Rousey isn't impressed. Will Nia Jax use Tamina's interference? She could become the first person to pin Rousey in WWE!

Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair vs Asuka - TLC match for the SmackDown Women's Championship

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It's a dream match of sorts. While we thought Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair would be renewing their rivalry, it turns out that Paige wanted a third woman added to the mix. One battle royal featuring the entire SmakDown Women's roster later, Asuka has been added.

This changes the dynamic entirely. The Empress Of Tomorrow is experienced in many different stipulation matches. However, this is WWE's first-ever Women's TLC match and we couldn't think of three more worthy competitors.

This past week on SmackDown, Asuka and Charlotte had a phenomenal main event that ended with Flair using a kendo stick to DQ herself. She's showing increasing signs of frustration when not beating elite-level opponents and this could cost her at TLC!

The Man Becky Lynch will obviously be the fan favourite in the bout, but don't turn away from Asuka. She's the dark horse of the match and could walk out with the SmackDown Women's title!

Braun Strowman vs Baron Corbin - TLC match

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Stipulation: If Corbin wins, he becomes permanent RAW GM. If he loses, he's no longer in a position of authority and Braun Strowman gets a Universal title shot against Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble

This match may not have any titles on the line, but there's no doubt that it's the match with the highest stakes on the PPV. Corbin and his entourage have injured Strowman, resulting in the latter getting an elbow surgery.

Corbin isn't expecting Strowman to show up (so he can win by forfeit). But we all know that Strowman will show up. And not only will he turn up, but he'll be coming with a vengeance. We all know what an angry Strowman is capable of. Things are not looking good for the General Manager elect.

Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox (w/ The Singh Brothers) vs R-Truth and Carmella - Mixed match challenge season 2 finals

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Mahal and Fox have been lucky that there have been so many injuries and team changes in the MMC this season. They face SmackDown finalists R-Truth and Carmella.

The winners get the #30 spot at the Royal Rumble next year as well as an all-expense paid vacation. Who will prevail?

Seth Rollins (c) vs Dean Ambrose - Intercontinental Championship

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The most personal feud of the PPV is also most likely to main event the show. Dean Ambrose turned on Rollins the night of Roman Reigns' shocking announcement. Ever since then, he's shown a new, ruthless side to himself.

It seems the tables have been turned from 4 years ago and this match needs no stipulations. It's a big fight feel between the two former Shield brothers. Will Rollins prevail or will The Lunatic Fringe become a 3-time Intercontinental Champion?

Daniel Bryan (c) vs AJ Styles - WWE Championship

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The "New" Daniel Bryan has been on a ruthless spree, displaying a side to himself that we had never seen before. With his back turned against the fans, the WWE Universe will be rallying for Styles to regain the title that he unfairly lost.

Styles' reign was over 365 days and Daniel Bryan dethroned him. Will the New Daniel Bryan prevail and retain the title or will Styles prove why he was champion for so long?