WWE TLC 2019: 5 Possible finishes for Buddy Murphy vs. Aleister Black

Murphy and Black face off at TLC this Sunday.
Murphy and Black face off at TLC this Sunday.

Aleister Black is still rolling with the gimmick of wanting people to knock on his door in order to pick a fight with him. It has led him to a great match with Cesaro earlier this year at Extreme Rules and is hopefully heading that way with Buddy Murphy. The two men are extremely talented in the ring and could steal the show at TLC.

Both wrestlers are new to RAW and have primarily been featured in matches to make them look good. It's the right way for both performers to start on RAW, but they will have the chance to take the next step up the ladder on Monday nights against each other. Ideally, neither man should lose due to the other needing a big win to move forward. It is probably best that this is not ended as a one-off feud due to the potential the two men have to craft a memorable match in the ring.

For that reason, something fishy might happen in the match so as to make both men look strong. It's happened numerous times before in wrestling like when Charlotte Flair only lost to Ronda Rousey by DQ at last year's Survivor Series. Neither woman could lose so a brutal post-match attack was booked instead.

This match should not be on the pre-show because both men need a showcase on the main PPV in order to prove they belong among the top tier of WWE Superstars. It's a straight-up match so here are five possible finishes for the TLC match pitting Murphy against Black.

#5 Black wins easily and quickly

Tony Nese recently fell to Black and his devastating kick.
Tony Nese recently fell to Black and his devastating kick.

One possibility for an outcome would be that Black ends the match quickly with a Black Mass kick. It's a sudden and devastating finishing move that puts a stamp on any victory for the Dutch Destroyer. If Black wins this way, it would be a signature end to his pairing with Murphy, but they could keep the feud going into the Royal Rumble.

Both men have untapped potential and need to be featured on RAW going forward. If Black simply wins the match in easy fashion, it would hurt any momentum that Murphy has built up over the last nine months. Losing in such fashion might also force Murphy to be more serious and to keep pursuing Black.

Part of the reason why Murphy knocked on the door was to get Black to calm down and not take himself seriously. It might have been a mistake on his part, but both men will shine regardless. I think the back-room promos need to stop and a different avenue should be taken with promoting Black. A quick win, however, would keep that tactic going.

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Edited by Habil Ahmed Sherule
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