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WWE/TNA News: 'Broken' Matt Hardy makes an offer to WWE and calls the Cruiserweights 'spot monkeys'

Matt Hardy claims that the Broken Universe has helped TNA stand out.

‘Broken’ Matt Hardy make an offer that Vince McMahon cannot refuse!

‘Broken’ Matt Hardy recently had an interview with Scott Fishman of the Channel Guide Magazine, to promote Thursday night’s Total Non-Stop Deletion episode of Impact Wrestling. During the interview, the ‘Broken’ messiah offered his services to WWE and McMahon, albeit with a few conditions of his own.

Matt Hardy promised to appear on Monday Night RAW if, WWE send the power of positivity (New Day) to TNA Deletion for the much anticipated, Apocalypto match. He also pledged to bring Brother Nero (Jeff Hardy) along with him.

He also had a similar offer for ROH and in return wanted The Young Bucks to participate in the Apocalypto match.

I would make an offer to MeekMahan [Vince McMahon] and the Day of the New. They come to Apocalypto, and I would go to Monday Night Raw. And so would Brother Nero. I think it would be very good if we all worked together. When it's all said and done, we ultimately want to give the wrestling fan the greatest entertainment and biggest dream match possible, and that is what I'm trying to accomplish here.

Here is a trailer of Total Nonstop Deletion which is to take place on  December 15th, 2016:

When asked about the ‘Broken Universe’ helping TNA. Hardy said that TNA always had X Divison and it was promotions like ROH and WWE, which are following their footsteps by adapting and having an athletic style type product of their own. He further went on to claim that the Cruiserweight divisions of WWE are a bunch of ‘Spot Monkeys’.

Hardy added that with X Divison, TNA was not able to stand out from the crowd and the ‘Broken Universe’ has given the company a distinctive identity. He also expressed his desire to extend the ‘Broken Universe’ to the other genres of the sport as well and noted that every fan deserved to enjoy what the ‘Broken Universe’ has to offer.

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