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TNA/WWE News: TNA doesn't have the funds to broadcast their Bound For Glory PPV Sunday

TNA is struggling to find the finances to produce it's Bound For Glory PPV this Sunday

End of the road?

With TNA’s recent financial troubles, it may only be a matter of time before it is the end of the company as we know it.

According to a report from Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer, the clock is running out on TNA’s timetable to make a sell as they need funding for their upcoming Bound For Glory pay per view (PPV) on Sunday, as well as their set of Impact tapings for next week.

Also being noted is that the WWE is in the mix to potentially buy out TNA, however, their only interest would be the TNA video library and some of their talents on its roster. If WWE were indeed to purchase TNA, it would be the end of the franchise as we know it.

Another report from PWInsider’s Mike Johnson says that former TNA President Dixie Carter has been discussing a potential sale with the WWE for the past five days, however, negotiations have begun to get a little complicated and Dixie is now free to sell to whoever she wants.

New TNA President Billy Corgan also has a shot in the bidding for the TNA brand, but Johnson also reported that “the fuse on the TNA bomb is close to the end.” 

This isn’t the first time Vince McMahon has bought out a rival wrestling promotion as we all know, as McMahon swooped in to purchase his rival in the 2000’s World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and put a quick end to the promotion and only brought on a handful of stars to the WWE.

One of the most accomplished stars brought on from the purchased WCW roster was Booker T, who would go on to win the World Heavyweight Championship and eventually be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. 

As for TNA’s current roster, it contains some of WWE’s old stars such as Damien Sandow, and Cody Rhodes who does some part time work for the promotion. TNA’s best homegrown talent is already with the WWE, as former TNA champions AJ Styles and Samoa Joe are now inked with the WWE. 

Joe is coming off a program serving as the NXT Champion and is likely to be called up to the main roster in no time at all, while Styles just won the WWE Title from Dean Ambrose and is all set to defend it against both John Cena and Ambrose at No Mercy.

We’ll keep you updated on the fate of TNA as more news becomes available.....

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