5 Top divas in WWE 2K14

The game has been a sensation among the wrestling gamers as it has provided us with so many great superstars and matchups from the past and present, and now we will have a look at the 5 top Divas in WWE 2K14..

#5 Natalya


The electric guitar plays and the entrance music starts for the diva from Canada, Natalya. Having a tough demeanour in the game, the 135-pound diva is a woman who makes up for her lack of agility by being extremely powerful with her moves in the game.

Being a devout challnger for the title in reality, the Canadian diva has some amazing moves up her sleeve, primarily being the roundhouse clothesline and the sharpshooter. She has an overall rating of 77 and is accordingly very effective.

#4 AJ Lee


This eerily crazy wrestler may not show the same craziness in the virtual world, but she has a way of making the ring her own, by some quick counter-attacking moves. Explosiveness comes in small packages, and AJ, hailing from New Jersey, is a perfect example of such a statement.

The overall rating of 77 doesn’t do her justice, as the longest reigning former WWE Diva champion has some extremely painful signature moves in her armor, primarily the Shining Wizard. A safe bet for a win in any match.

#3 Layla


This diminutive bombshell from Miami, Florida has gained some prominence for her dancing skills in WWE recently, but the former WWE Diva champion can achieve perfection in the ring too, at her best day. This trait has been transferred to the game, too, as her athleticism can be used to great effect, only if the gamer knows how to.

Having an overall rating of 78, she has a mean roundhouse kick which can put any doubts about her in the game to rest.

#2 Aksana


This cunning superstar, hailing from Lithuania, has never turned heel to the negative side and has always been the reason for many “boos” from the crowd. But her mere presence in the ring has always been intimidating due to the viciousness with which she carries out her moves.

In the game, she has an overall rating of 78 and her traditional finishing move, Divo Drop, can be executed for a certain pinfall in favour of the respective gamer.

#1 Lita


This fiery diva from Sanford, N.C., was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame for her sturdy personality in and off the ring. She carries this trait into the game, having a fearless attitude about her in blowing every opponent away.

Having a massive overall rating of 80, Lita is the only wrestler in the WWE 2K14 Diva roster who doesn’t wrestler anymore and has gained a legendary status in reality. A pivotal choice for any gamer.

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