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WWE NXT trainer talks hilarious Jericho story, William Regal and more

Omkar Sohoni
676   //    10 Jan 2016, 17:18 IST
Brookside and his story

– Robbie Brookside is a name that most would not be familiar with in comparison to the Superstars who wrestle on our TV sets.

Robbie has been in the wrestling business since the last 24 years and has been an amazing influence on young and upcoming superstars. Brookside is employed by the WWE as a coach and works closely with the wrestlers at the WWE Performance Center.

Brookside was speaking with Chris Jericho – his longtime friend on his podcast – and gave some interesting insights and stories about the wrestling industry.

On Chris Jericho’s unique story

Robbie and Jericho reminisced how they met for the first time in Germany. They said that they were wrestling in Hamburg when they were introduced to each other and have been friends ever since.

He added that once while wrestling, they were given handy cams to document their lives for a video documentary. He remembered this story where once he went to the locker room and asked Jericho what he would do if the camera was off.

Chris Jericho replied, “I’d take my willy out and wave it all about.” Another wrestler asked, “How do you know it’s not on?” Jericho said, “Because the red lights not on.” Brookside had actually hidden the red light using a black tape.

Jericho finally got his revenge revealed Brookside.

On his wrestling days and early life

Robbie said that he entered the wrestling industry by accident. He said that he used to hang out at a sports arena since childhood and accused a wrestler once who was selling an injury.

He said that he was then dragged backstage and stretched so much that he had blood pouring down from his nostrils. He revealed that he made his wrestling debut at the age of fifteen in Liverpool, England.

He added that he fell in love with wrestling which devastated his father, who was a football player back then. 

On his association with William Regal

Robbie Brookside said that William Regal has been his best friend in the business. He said that he has a lot to thank William Regal, who he calls by his first name, Darren.

He said that when his AAA job didn't work out tragically, Regal was the person who asked him to join WCW. He added that William Regal is almost like his brother and that he is the person who he trusts the most.

"We’ve always kept in touch over the years through thick and thin. There’ve been times where he’s needed a shoulder to cry on, and for someone to back him up—and I’ve done the same as well, and he’s been there all the way.”

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