WWE turned down an idea to form an interesting new tag team (Exclusive) 

JTG and Vince McMahon.
JTG and Vince McMahon.

The latest episode of SK Wrestling's ongoing 'Off The SKript' series with JTG and Dr. Chris Featherstone focussed on the ideas and plans from the former Cryme Tyme member that were rejected by WWE.

As we had reported earlier, JTG had pitched an exciting plan involving Booker T that didn't see the light of the day. JTG had another interesting proposal for the WWE about forming a new tag team with Fred Rosser, fka Darren Young.

JTG was serious about teaming up with the former Prime Time Player as they even purchased jackets to match their new gimmick. The idea was for JTG and Darren Young to have metrosexual characters who would come across looking like male GQ models.

"I have pitched a bunch of ideas. I had pitched to work in a tag team with Darren Young. Yeah, we bought jackets and everything. We were going to do, like I said before, the Divos gimmick. Like, we're pretty much like male GQ models."


JTG realized that he needed something completely different from the Cryme Tyme character, and the alliance with Darren Young would have served that purpose.

"Like pedicures and manicures and eyebrows, it was so far from Cryme Tyme that I needed to get away from Cryme Tyme. So, I think a gimmick like that."

We kept pitching that, and they weren't going for that: JTG on WWE's lack of interest in the idea

Dr. Chris Featherstone chimed in by saying that the pitched gimmick could have been inspired by the flamboyant Adrian Street.

JTG responded:

"Well, not that far left. Like Prima Donnas, and very metrosexual, and we kept pitching that, and they weren't going for that."

JTG had two stints in WWE, during which he was mostly known for being a part of the Cryme Tyme tag team with Shad Gaspard. JTG became a singles wrestler in 2010 after he was announced as one of the pros for WWE NXT Redemption. JTG had many good ideas during his four-year run as a solo performer, and while his career could have been different had the WWE accepted some of them, the company had other plans.

Currently 36 years old and at his physical peak, JTG continues to wrestle, and he still has a lot of offer to the business as an active competitor.

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