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Update on Titus O'Neil's suspension

Sudhir Bose
6.95K   //    14 Feb 2016, 20:32 IST
Titus posted a Bible verse (Luke 14:11) in reply to the suspension

The past week wasn’t a good one at all in the WWE, and the obvious reason would be Daniel Bryan’s retirement. But the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion isn’t the only one to be associated with misfortune. 

Titus O’Neil also suffered a major setback on the very night that the American Dragon tearfully bid adieu to the world he revelled in for sixteen years. O’Neil was suspended after he grabbed Vince McMahon’s arm in jest as the CEO was walking back from the ring after the locker room’s farewell to Bryan.

Indubitably, Titus did it in all benevolence, perhaps wanting to cheer Vinny Mac up after the loss of one of his favorite performers (cough, cash cows, cough). But a volatile mix of ego and bad timing blew up in Titus’ face as he was slapped with a 90-day suspension. 

When we say bad timing we don’t mean just the incident. Though the suspension was reduced to 60 days, it has in all likelihood, nipped the 7-year veteran’s rumoured push in the bud. He will miss WreslteMania and if history has taught us anything, it’s that you don’t want to get on Vince McMahon’s bad side.

It doesn’t need stating that Vince McMahon over-reacted, but conspiracy theories of the incident being scripted and stinking of racism have been doing the rounds. Really, people? Everybody knows you don’t grab your boss.