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WWE Video: Nikki Bella imitates AJ Styles

Nikki Bella imitates yet another Superstar.

Nikki Bella does her best AJ Styles for WWE.com

What’s the story? 

Earlier on today, WWE.com posted the video that you can watch below, where Nikki Bella can be seen impersonating AJ Styles. If you were to watch till the end you would see Nikki Bella and AJ laughing together, as they look at photos of Nikki Bella dressed as AJ on Nikki’s phone.

The synopsis at WWE.com says,

“Nikki Bella roasts AJ Styles in a spot-on impersonation of the WWE Superstar! Special appearance by AJ Styles!”

In case you didn’t know...

Nikki Bella is currently in a relationship with John Cena, who actually faces AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble this Sunday. The match is for the WWE Championship and if Cena successfully defeats Styles for the Gold, he will tie Ric Flair’s record of being a 16-time World Champion.

However, in the three times, AJ Styles and John Cena have met on PPV previously, Styles has defeated John Cena each time, holding a 3-0 record over Cena, and therefore, referring to himself as the “Champ that runs the camp.”

The heart of the matter

Last night on Smackdown, AJ referenced external elements away from Smackdown/WWE Television to heighten their feud, adding more spice to their match on Sunday. Styles puts up the official Royal Rumble poster on screen, taking issue with the fact that he was way in the back but John Cena was in the front row.

He used it as an example of him not getting any respect, even though he is the Champion. AJ Styles also played a clip of John Cena on the Today show, in which the hosts repeatedly referred to AJ Styles as “the guy from Atlanta.”

Once in the ring, Cena replied by saying “he’s (Styles) has only been hot for six months, while Cena has been holding down the company for a decade.” Cena also said, “not only is AJ Styles not on Cena’s level, he’s not even a level below him, and on Sunday, AJ Styles is going to find out what everyone else already knows: that there’s only one John Cena.”

With WWE using outside elements to heighten the feud, it appeared on the surface that this video of Nikki would be another thing AJ could use, in order to continue on with his complaint about being disrespected. However, the appearance of AJ at the end makes this content unusable in terms of fueling the storyline even more.

What’s next?

We now head to Sunday and the Royal Rumble. Cena vs. Styles has delivered on every occasion so far and most expect Sunday to be no different, however, many expect a different result, with Cena leaving San Antonio with the WWE Title.

Sportskeeda’s take

This video is fun. Some people will complain that it’s pointless because it doesn’t enhance Cena vs Styles, or that AJ and Nikki laughing together kills kayfabe. I have news for you, kayfabe died a long time ago.

Long before AJ Styles and Nikki Bella were seen laughing about Nikki impersonating him. People should just enjoy the video and enjoy the match this Sunday.

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