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WWE/WCW History: 10 worst promos of all time 

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Modified 27 Mar 2021
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Pro-wrestling is a sport where the wrestlers don't just need to have in-ring skills to be able to work out a decent enough match, they also need to have the gift of gab.

There have been multiple cases in the past where the wrestler's inability to talk on the mic cost them their career. Wrestling is a soap opera with never-ending storylines, and without mic skills, a wrestler is doomed from the very beginning.

WWE Superstars like Hulk Hogan had exceptional speaking skills, and that helped him become the greatest superstar in wrestling history without having impressive in-ring skills. Not everyone is Hogan, though, so let's take a look at 10 of the most embarrassing promos of all time in WWE/WCW history.

#10 Kalisto's "good Lucha things"

The promo that destroyed Kalisto
The promo that destroyed Kalisto

The masked Lucha Libre superstar was never known for his mic skills in the WWE, but Kalisto went all the way in an interview during the WWE Draft of 2016, and botched a promo BIG TIME!


He went on to misspell Baron Corbin's name and fumbled multiple times on the mic. The icing on the cake was during the very final moments of the interview when he completely forgot his lines and said something along the lines of,

"I'm here... to make... ah... a good Lucha thing!"

Kalisto left the interview area immediately after the promo, knowing that he had messed up. He later returned to the same position to redeem himself. See for yourself.

Kalisto also mentioned something in his promo about "shocking the world". We all know what happened the last time a famous superstar was described saying that.


#9 Bobby Lashley's "I love you"

Lashley's face says it all!

When Bobby Lashley returned to WWE in 2018, he seemed destined for a mega push. Fans were clamoring for a big-time match pitting Lashley against The Beast, Brock Lesnar.

WWE had other things in mind though. A backstage sit-down interview was held where Lashley talked in detail about his family, especially his sisters.


At the end of the promo, the camera zoomed towards Lashley as he said "I love you" to his sisters, in one of the creepiest visuals of 2018. Thankfully, the babyface run was scrapped immediately and Bobby turned heels, to rid us of the memory of this utterly creepy promo.

In his defense, however, it was a heartfelt message to his family. But the camera zooming in caused all the weirdness.

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Published 27 Mar 2021, 16:25 IST
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