Where are they now?: The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase

The original ‘Money, money, money, monaaayyy’

Ted DiBiase was a big part of the period of WWE history leading up to the Attitude Era, when the company was still known as WWF. He held multiple titles there and in NWA competition, and he even created a championship of his own.

But where is he these days? Is the “Million Dollar Man” still finding the price at which each man can be bought? Is he still hanging around with old friends like Virgil? The answer might surprise you if you haven’t kept track of him over the years.

DiBiase, the wrestler

DiBiase had a career that spanned almost 20 years in the ring.

Like most professional wrestling talent, Ted DiBiase’s career began in the ring, and he wrestled for nearly 20 years across various promotions, including NWA territories and the WWF, which would later become the WWE.

During that time, he won various championships, including tag team gold with Mike Rotunda – known as Irwin R. Schyster or IRS – who is the real-life father of Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas. DiBiase also created the Million Dollar Championship Belt, primarily held by him and other members of his various alliances, like bodyguard Virgil.

DiBiase, the manager

Ted DiBiase was added to the New World Order after the initial three.

Once his in-ring career was over, DiBiase began to manage talent, first as the leader of the Million Dollar Corporation in the WWF. That stable included talent like IRS, 1-2-3 Kid, Bam Bam Bigelow and King Kong Bundy, and he later added a young Steve Austin, then known as the Ringmaster.

DiBiase then made the switch to WCW, where he promptly joined up with Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan in the NWO. While they couldn’t directly use his WWF gimmick, his storyline wealth was again a factor as he was reportedly the group’s financial backer.

DiBiase, the minister

These days, Ted DiBiase spends his time as a Christian minister.

Now, Ted DiBiase is a Christian minister, preaching and speaking through the Heart of David Ministry. His message is one of overcoming the pressures of society like drugs, alcohol and sex, all of which were prevalent during his days in pro wrestling.

He still regularly appears as a former pro wrestler at autograph sessions and other events, often using those opportunities to speak to people about his faith. Reportedly, Virgil has continued to use his name to book his own opportunities alongside DiBiase, but “the Million Dollar Man” has claimed he was never a part of those bookings.

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