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WWE WrestleMania 33: 5 Things that The New Day Can Do At WrestleMania 33

What has been planned for the WrestleMania 33 hosts? We explore some of the possibilities here.

Top 5 / Top 10 18 Mar 2017, 15:53 IST
We’re certain that WWE’s most entertaining trio has something huge planned

If WrestleMania 33 is being advertised as the ‘Ultimate Thrill Ride’, then the experience would be far from complete without a segment from the top babyface unit- The New Day. Yes, they are currently the official hosts, but we are confident that this designation is a smokescreen for a pretty big segment. After all, Vince McMahon put the entire tag team division on hold while The New Day broke Demolition’s record to become the longest reigning tag team champions of all time. Moreover, they still get massive pops and remain great merchandise (and cereal) sellers on the Raw roster. 

So, we thought to ourselves, what could WWE have planned for The New Day on the grand stage? We came up with five distinct possibilities. Do let us know in the comments section if you think WWE may have planned some other special plans for the quirky trio. Who? Who? Who? Why, The New Day!

#5 Match against the Hardys

Broken or unbroken, this would really be a pretty huge deal indeed!

The Hardys have been very vocal about challenging the ‘Day of New’, the champions of ‘Meekmahan’. While there is an ongoing controversy concerning their ‘broken’ gimmick, the grapevine has been buzzing about the big return of Matt and Jeff to WWE. Even if they return in their original avatar, a feud with The New Day would be a huge deal for sure. 

Of all the possibilities, this would be the ultimate mark-out moment in this countdown. Irrespective of the results, this would be a feud between the most renowned team in independent wrestling versus a superstar WWE unit. What will you chant if this transpires? ‘Delete’ or ‘New Day Rocks’?

WWE’s tag team division desperately needs a shake up(on both shows), and if anyone can achieve this, it is certainly the Hardy Boyz.

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