WWE: You’re a B+ player, Daniel Bryan!

Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton
Akhilesh Gannavarapu

Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton

I always give something a chance before I complain, or put it down as absurdity. I have always thought that the WWE, even after all the complaints and the accusations thrown against them were fair to the performers. Through the years, there has been a lot of evidence of WWE being partial or pushing performers or superstars they thought were “the WWE type”. Although professional wrestling has always looked down on WWE, and the fans have relegated WWE to mere “common – man entertainment”, I was always of the opinion that given the right chance and opportunity, Vince McMahon and the management wouldn’t let go of pushing someone who could be “the next big thing” in the WWE. In the past, people like Lesnar and Punk were given chances, mostly because of Paul Heyman backing them up. Sadly, there was no Heyman for Daniel Bryan.

After all the screwjob finishes and bullying/burying Daniel Bryan, I was of the opinion that it would lead to a big pay – off. I believed that the WWE won’t turn a blind eye to the massive support Daniel Bryan has gathered in the past one year. Bryan has easily been the most impressive performer in the WWE in the past year, and has earned the right to be the face of the company more than anyone else. The storyline involving Daniel Bryan – Randy OrtonTriple H should have been used to put Bryan over, which was the right way to go. But in WWE, it doesn’t matter what the people think or what the performers think. In WWE, it is all about the McMahons, and now, the Paul Levesques.


The whole “B+ player” fiasco should’ve been avoided, as terming anyone as such can only be a blow to the way they’re perceived by the fans. Consider it this way – If we were told on a consistent basis that someone isn’t worth our time, would we give a second thought to them? Furthermore, as much as the WWE management would try to explain it to you that it is all scripted, and only a way to put over Daniel Bryan, that cannot happen in a million years. When you tell people that someone is just average, the end result is damaging, unless the underdog proves everyone wrong and sits pretty on top of the wrestling world, which is what I was looking for at the Hell In A Cell PPV this past Sunday. The end however, was catastrophic.

The higher ups, along with Paul Levesque aka Triple H have fooled all of us. In the end, they enticed us with something, teasing something we were dying to see, and took it away from us, reminding us that what we wanted never mattered. WWE is a monopoly, and with no competition in sight, they could care less about the wrestling fans being displeased. With all the sponsorships and partnerships, WWE has now started earning more than the previous years, even with the dwindling ratings and PPV buyrates. Even though the fans were successful in making their voices heard, Daniel Bryan turned out to be just like Zack Ryder – A temporary solution to satisfy the fans in the transient period.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you’re the best wrestler in the world or the hottest superstar in the wrestling industry today. What matters is what Triple H and Vince McMahon think, and with Triple H putting Daniel Bryan down on numerous occasions, the only pay – off was Bryan winning the title decisively at the Hell In A Cell PPV, which didn’t happen. It is being reported that the Bryan – Orton feud is over, and Bryan will now be involved in a program with CM Punk against the Wyatt Family. What was supposed to be Daniel Bryan’s big break in the WWE turned out to be just another way to put Triple H and his family/friends over.

This proves one thing – Daniel Bryan is and probably will always be a B+ player in the eyes of the WWE, and if they were successful in making the fans believe the same, most of the casual wrestling fans will believe that Daniel Bryan is not a championship material, and might never be one. Bryan went from being the “Chosen one” by the wrestling fans to someone who was used as a means to catapult Randy Orton and Triple H. Sadly, there is nothing we can do about it.


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