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The Roman Reigns - Seth Rollins feud comes full circle

Sarah Hirsch
7.40K   //    09 Jun 2016, 16:15 IST
When they square up at Money in the Bank, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be on the other shoulder

Finally after two attempts to put Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins in a high profile match, it will happen at Money in the Bank on June 19th.

Fate played its hand with the two men as each time that they were about to square off in a match of high magnitude, one of them would get injured. First, it was Reigns who went down with an emergency hernia surgery in 2014 the night before he was to face Rollins at Night of Champions. 

That match was for avenging Dean Ambrose after Rollins put him out of action, in addition to exacting revenge for Rollins breaking up The Shield. 

Last year, Rollins tore his ACL/meniscus two weeks before he was set to face Reigns at Survivor Series. The stakes were higher this time, as it was for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. 

Reigns then went on to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship that night, only to lose it moments later to Sheamus.   

Now that both of them are fit and firing, the WWE is going in the direction that Rollins is coming back for the title he never lost. 

Which that is fine; Rollins’ return warrants that. 

It adds to the grudge that was never settled in the first place.  While the two men have paralleled each other, there is a lot of history behind this feud. Of course, we all know they broke in together as two-thirds of The Shield. They tore up the town together, and of course, that creates a bond they will forever have. 

But we also know all about when Rollins cashed in the Money in the Bank at WrestleMania 31, and literally stole Reigns’ moment from him.

Not too long ago, Rollins and Reigns were WWE Tag Team Champions

This feud has turned rather personal now, and if they’re going to put a lot of effort into the storyline, then they should include everything that pertains to both men.  Remember during The Shield era, Rollins and Reigns were WWE Tag Team Champions.  

Or how about when they were supposed to face each other on the last two occasions?  WWE could really play this up.  All three former Shield members will be together in the ring when Ambrose conducts his Ambrose Asylum segment on Raw next week. 

Perhaps that is when we will see some past issues being brought up and forgotten wounds being reopened. 

It should definitely be interesting next week, and many fans are looking forward to the reunion-of-sorts of The Shield. 

And the WWE should not let the fans down with this opportunity. It’s merely a case of striking the iron while it’s hot, if you will.

It will no doubt be a battle in Las Vegas next Sunday.  We will finally see the encounter that has been meant to happen the last two years.  There is a lot at stake and the match will surely live up to the hype.  WWE is pushing this feud at full force now, giving it the attention it rightfully deserves. 

This match looks to showcase everything leading up to that point. 

In hindsight, maybe it was a good thing the matchup was postponed after all.

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