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WWE/TNA Rumours: WWE interested in signing Broken Matt Hardy

Will we see the 'Broken' one inside a WWE ring soon?

WWE may bring the popular gimmick to WWE TV

It's no secret that the 'Broken Matt Hardy’ gimmick of former WWE and current TNA Star Matt Hardy has been a successful one and it appears that WWE officials are also interested in bringing the same to their programming. According to the reports from Wrestling Observer, Triple H is interested in signing the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion back to the WWE.

It should be noted here that Matt can not speak to WWE directly as he is still under a TNA contract and thus the feelers he has received are from intermediaries. 

For now, the talks of signing the elder Hardy are only in their premature stages and things are only expected to proceed when his contract expires, which allegedly happens sometime during spring next year.

Matt Hardy has been playing the Broken gimmick to perfection for the major part of the year now. He has been feuding with Jeff Hardy since the beginning of his gimmick and has faced him in several hardcore matches including an I Quit Match, Full Metal Mayhem match, Six Side Of Steel match and most notably the 'Final Deletion' match.

Since his gimmick has been well received by the fans, it's possible that WWE could give him a similar gimmick if they do sign him. WWE fans will also love to see the former hardcore champion wrestling against the likes of Bray Wyatt or Kane while portraying the popular gimmick.

However, there are chances that they will bring him back as Matt Hardy. With the talks of WWE being interested in signing Jeff Hardy also cropping up, we could also hope to see a possible Hardy Boyz reunion in future.

Matt Hardy made his WWE debut back in 1994 and worked for the company as a jobber on multiple occasions before being signed to a full-time contract in 1998. After training with Terry Funk Jr, Matt started teaming up with his brother Jeff, forming the legendary tag team known as the Hardy Boyz which is still remembered as one of the best tag teams in WWE history.

Throughout their time as a tag team, Hardy Boyz won the WWE Tag team championships three times. They were also involved in some of the most memorable matches on WWE Television including the first ever Table, Laders, and Chairs match.

After the breakup, Matt started competing in singles competition and won many championships including the Hardcore and ECW Championships before being released from the company in 2010.

He was first signed by TNA in January 2011 after his release from the WWE and was booted out of several months later following a DUI arrest. He made his TNA return in 2014 and has been working with the company ever since.

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