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Randy Orton Tattoos: What do they mean?


What does the ink on the Apex Predator mean?

The Viper has about 8 tattoos

WWE superstars that are inked always have the most interesting stories behind them. The Apex Predator who is a twelve-time World Champion in the WWE and is a future Hall Of Famer has been inked for a long time now, having four tattoos on his forearm, one on his back/shoulders and two on his upper arms/biceps. 

We take a look into the meaning behind his tattoos:

Back/Shoulder tattoos:

The Viper says this means “nothing”

Randy Orton has openly said in the past that the tribal tattoo he got on his back and shoulders during his Ohio Valley Wrestling days meant “absolutely nothing”. However, in an interview with WWE.com over nine years ago, Orton had a story about it:

The thing is, I was wrestling all the time and it had no time to heal, so it became this big, bloody scab.It was horrible; every two weeks I'd go in to have it retouched because I kept ruining it.

However, the tattoos on his arms definitely carry some meaning to them.

Arm tattoos:

1 Peter 5:8

Orton initially had a “United States Marine Corps” tattoo on his shoulder. However, that has since been covered up. 

"I had a tattoo on my left arm that read ‘USMC' for United States Marine Corps. When I got my bad conduct discharge and got sent home I got rid of the tattoo by getting it covered up," he said. "It was covered up once in San Diego while I was still in the Marines and they did an awful job so I had to go to another guy -- the guy who eventually did work on my shoulder -- and have him fix it for me."

However, a significant part of Randy Orton’s right arm, which has the bible passage 1 Peter 5:8 which reads:

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour

Orton has said that this passage tattooed has true meaning to his heart. He stated that after he got the back tribal tattoo which meant nothing, he wanted to ink his body with some meaning.

The only colour among all the ink on The Viper’s body

The Rose, as seen in the image reads “Alanna”, Orton’s daughter, followed by Roman Numerals below, which is her Date Of Birth. About this he said the following:

I have a rose here, the only colour on any of my pieces is for my daughter Alana, and her birthday there in the Roman Numerals, and that's the centerpiece, that's what they all culminate to - is that rose right there on my arm for my daughter

In an interview many years ago, Orton was asked for the meaning behind the tattoos, and the full quote explaining is this:

It probably took 40-50 hours. I do have a lot of meaning behind it, and that's the reason I got it done. The tribal work I had before had no meaning behind it. No meaning whatsoever, and I kind of wanted to put something on my body that had some meaning and it does, and that's for me, my wife and my family. As far as the meaning, I don't want to tell everyone what it means. They can look, they can enjoy them, but the meaning is for me.”

Finger tattoo:

The ink is as fresh as it comes

The latest tattoo was one that Orton obtained last year after marrying his wife Kimberly Kessler. The wedding took place during his time away from WWE due to his injury. As seen, his wife Kim had gotten a tattoo of his name as well on her finger.

The couple is now expecting their first child, congratulations are in order!

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