Top 10 Superstars of the WWE in 2014


We are into the WrestleMania season and a lot has already happened regarding the storylines. Two sub standard PPVs have passed. CM Punk has walked out. Undertaker, Hogan and most probably Sting have returned. Batista has returned, won the rumble and then turned heel.


The authority have only grown stronger, and Daniel Bryan has only been screwed more and more. AJ Lee has cemented herself as the face of the beautiful divas with her reign becoming the longest one.

The Shield has teased us throughout the first couple of months of a split. All three of the members look like future main eventers. Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan have put to rest any fears that might have been there regarding their in ring talents. Bray arguably had the match of the first two months against Daniel Bryan at Royal Rumble.

Here I rank the top 10 superstars of the WWE for the year 2014. The ranking is based on the way the superstars were booked. Carrying titles and earning clean victories are major criteria for the ranking. Factions like the Shield and Wyatt Family are given a singular rank as they mostly do compete as a single entity.

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10. Big E

Big E

Big E

Big E has had an interesting 2014. He is still the intercontinental Champion and has defended his title recently against the Real American Jack Swagger. Big E has been booked well. He has mostly won his matches clean and that is exactly what gets him in this list.

Big E however has still not gotten over with the fans. He is yet to be given a concrete storyline and the title he holds can be shown to be much more important than the current booking suggests. It would be very entertaining to see how Big E does in the coming months and especially at WrestleMania.

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