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WWE Monday Night Raw Preview: February 3, 2014


WWE Monday Night RAW preview for 2nd Feb 2014, featuring Batista, John Cena, Del Rio and more.

The Title Scenario

The Title Scenario

The doubts on whether the WWE listens to the fans or not was cleared last week when the company decided to give Daniel Bryan a spot in the Elimination Chamber. The Yes movement was officially kicked off last Monday and it will be as strong as ever when the WWE brings us this week’s edition of Raw.

From the title scene to mid-card, storylines has been placed with a good amount of detail by the creative. As we are going to witness another step towards WrestleMania, there is much to look forward as usual so let’s take a look at the top five things to watch out for from this week’s Raw.

‘Batista won’t make it to WrestleMania’

Del Rio Calling

Del Rio Calling

This was the claim of Alberto Del Rio last week and the Mexican looks certain to have a bout with the Animal.

A clash between this two are bound to happen sooner or later, but now the venue seems to be set at Elimination Chamber. Del Rio is given with the task of luring in Batista into the match. The former World Champion will do anything and everything in his power to do the same also.

The unpredictability on what he will do to make the match official is yet to be known. However, the sure thing for now is that this week also Del Rio will be involved in some kind of match that he wins. The buildup of momentum will be aided by some excellent taunting post or pre-match.

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