10 AEW Stars who have a college degree

10 AEW Stars who have a college degree
10 AEW Stars who have a college degree

#8. AEW Star Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho is a legend in the wrestling business. He is also a well-educated man.

Jericho was 17 years old when he graduated from high school. He then had to wait another year before he could go to a wrestling school. During that year, the 50-year-old joined Red River Community College to study Creative Communications. Two years later, he graduated with honors.

The former AEW Champion started learning about wrestling during his college days. Following his graduation, he left home to embark on his wrestling journey.

"I graduated with honors from Red River Community College (I'm a freakin' genius), I packed up all my belongings into the trunk of my '76 Volare and left the nest. I was nineteen years old. After kissing my crying mother goodbye, I pulled out of the driveway fully intending not to come back until I'd made it," Jericho wrote in his book A Lion's Tale: Around the World in Spandex.

The 50-year-old performed in several promotions throughout his 30-year career, including ECW, WCW, and WWE. He joined AEW in 2019, where he is now a former AEW World Champion and the leader of The Inner Circle.

#7. AEW Star Leva Bates

AEW Star Leva Bates kicked off her wrestling career nearly a decade and a half ago. Before she became a wrestler, Bates went to college and worked in a few different jobs.

The 38-year-old graduated with a degree in theater and radio/TV production from Murray State University. She double majored, with a minor in dance. After graduating, Bates worked at a few dude ranches and theme parks before landing a job at the Universal Orlando theme park as an entertainer, doing characters and dance shows.

"A couple of my friends I met working through Universal were involved with TNA, and so I would go to the TNA shows that used to be taped here. They said, “You do all this other stuff – acting, dancing – maybe you’d like wrestling.” And I was into the idea. So I looked for some wrestling schools, and found FXE," she told Rolling Stone. "From there, you train, you start doing local shows, and the next thing you know, you keep working at it, and the magic happens," she added.

Bates joined AEW in 2019. She has not competed since March. In her last match, she teamed up with Madi Wrenkowski to face Big Swole and Red Velvet but came up short.

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