5 dream matches for Darby Allin against current WWE Superstars

Darby Allin and Seth Rollins could have quite the match if they are pinned against each other
Darby Allin and Seth Rollins could have quite the match if they are pinned against each other

Darby Allin is arguably one of the brightest talents on the current AEW roster. Since signing with Tony Khan's promotion in April 2019, the young star has had exponential growth.

The babyfaced competitor had memorable bouts with the likes of Chris Jericho and CM Punk. The former AEW TNT Champion is currently embroiled in a feud with MJF, one of the biggest heels in the company.

On the September 29 episode of AEW Dynamite, MJF called out Darby Allin, saying he is the only pillar of AEW that MJF is yet to defeat. This led to a brawl between the two competitors.

On the October 6 episode of Dynamite, the feud gathered heat as MJF challenged Allin to a match before beating him down in the parking lot with help from The Pinnacle. It remains to be seen how this feud will develop in the coming days.

That said, with the in-ring talent and impressive performances we have seen from Darby Allin, if he were to square off with the current WWE roster, it would surely be a dream come true.

Here's a look at five dream matches for Darby Allin against the current WWE Superstars.

#5 Seth Rollins vs. Darby Allin


A match between Seth Rollins and Darby Allin would pin one of the biggest heels in WWE vs one of the biggest babyfaces in AEW.

The contest will be as exciting as Seth will rely more on his physicality in the ring whereas Allin will be more focused on his high-flying maneuvers.

Would the Curb Stomp be lethal for Allin or will the Coffin Drop spell curtains for the Monday Night Messiah? Whatever is the case, this bout would certainly be intriguing.

#4 Ricochet vs. Darby Allin


The match between Ricochet and Darby Allin will pin two of the best high-flyers of WWE and AEW.

Ricochet recently lost to Xavier Woods in the King of the Ring quarter-finals. Having said this, his action-packed in-ring performances certainly put him over with the fans.

The winner between Allin and Ricochet competitors would be too close to call, but it will undoubtedly be an entertaining match.

#3 Damian Priest vs. Darby Allin


Damian Priest has been one of WWE's biggest success stories in the recent past. The United States Champion has overcome legends like Jeff Hardy and Sheamus to retain his title.

That said, Darby Allin is also one of the most successful young stars of Tony Khan's promotion. A contest between them will certainly pin two of the brightest stars in professional wrestling.

Will Damian Priest prevail with The Reckoning or will Darby Allin hold his own with The Last Supper? The answer could be anyone's guess, though one thing is for sure the fans will certainly have their money's worth in this contest.

#2 Riddle vs Darby Allin


The match between Riddle and Darby Allin certainly seems like an enticing proposition.

Riddle, since moving to the main roster from NXT mid-last year, has had a fantastic run. He is a former United States Champion and the current RAW Tag Team Champion.

A bout with Darby Allin will surely test the in-ring capabilities of The Original Bro. The contest will see action-packed performances from both competitors matched with some entertaining top-rope maneuvers making it an edge-of-the-seat affair.

#1 Jeff Hardy vs Darby Allin


Jeff Hardy and Darby Allin both have similar wrestling styles as they take extreme risks to beat their opponents.

Truth be told, Darby Allin, with his in-ring antics, certainly reminds fans of a young Jeff Hardy. If these two were to square off, it would be a battle of two generations with one thing in common: high-flying maneuvers.

These men will give fans unparalleled excitement with their high-risk moves like the Swanton Bomb and the Coffin Drop. A classic contest, to say the least.

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