6 AEW stars Kevin Owens is friends with in real life

Kevin Owens has friends all over the wrestling industry, including AEW
Kevin Owens has friends all over the wrestling industry, including AEW
Ali Akber

Kevin Owens' WWE contract is coming to an end soon, and with AEW now being treated as a legitimate competitor to WWE, he could consider jumping ship. Over the past couple of months, many former WWE Superstars have joined AEW, including the likes of CM Punk and Bryan Danielson.

The Prizefighter has worked for several different promotions in the past, and he’s someone who is not afraid to make a switch. Owens is a former Universal Champion and is known as one of the best wrestlers during his indie days.

Kevin Owens is known for being a good guy backstage who is ready to help anyone if needed. This unique trait has helped him form a few good friends in the wrestling world.

Even though many of KO’s friends are not working in the same promotion as him, he’s still managed to stay close to them. This could work in his favor if he eventually decides to join AEW.

Take a look at the six AEW wrestlers who are good friends with Kevin Owens in real life.

#6. AEW star Matt Hardy and Kevin Owens have had a rivalry in the past

Kevin Owens and Matt Hardy first met in a promotion outside WWE and AEW. Owens was the leader of a faction at the time, and Hardy was made part of the faction without his approval.

The two men ended up having a good rivalry following the angle and soon became good friends backstage. In 2014, Kevin Owens was asked about his opinion on Matt Hardy. The Prizefighter had a lot of good things to say about the current AEW star, and even labeled him as one of his favorite people in wrestling.

"Matt's a great dude. He gets a lot of negative press and a lot of negative things said about him, but like, when I first met him I didn't know what to expect and what I got was an extremely nice helpful and now he's one of my favorite people in wrestling. I enjoy every chance I get to talk to him. I enjoy every chance I get to wrestle him."

KO and “Big Money” Hardy have also had a few interesting and hilarious exchanges on social media over the past few years. It looks like the two men are still pretty close behind the scenes.

Kevin Owens and Hardy have a lot of history, and that could come in handy if the two end up wrestling for AEW together someday.

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