6 Things AEW subtly told us on Rampage: World title shot delayed for 4-time WWE Champion, Clever reason why CM Punk isn't getting a huge push

CM Punk on AEW Rampage; Bobby Fish on the Buy-In edition
CM Punk on AEW Rampage; Bobby Fish on the Buy-In edition
Rohit Nath

AEW Rampage was an ambitious show this week, with Wednesday Night Dynamite moved to Saturday for one week. Given the news of the Supersized SmackDown, there was a decision to have a one-hour "Buy-In" on YouTube and other social media platforms where there was a clash in timings with WWE's Blue brand.

Either way, All Elite Wrestling did their best to put on a great show and were largely successful. We hope that it translates into ratings, but what it certainly translates to is high-quality professional wrestling.

Here's what was subtly told on Rampage this week.

#6. Bryan Danielson proves he's the best on AEW Rampage, but it's a long way back to the top

What a BATTLE right now between @bryandanielson & @suzuki_D_minoru - Watch it NOW on a Special #AEW #BuyInLIVE on YouTube FREE:

On the main event of AEW Rampage Buy-In (aired across YouTube and other social media platforms), two legends of the business - Minoru Suzuki and Bryan Danielson - faced each other in a singles bout.

Suzuki has now made numerous appearances in Tony Khan's promotion, with his match against Jon Moxley arguably the least-notable part. The most notable part, however, was his clash on Rampage against Danielson.

Bryan Danielson already knew that he was among the best in the world before he joined AEW. He's simply continuing to prove it against newer and fresher opponents.

The match against Minoru Suzuki was an instant classic. While the company seems to have instant classics every few weeks, this was undoubtedly a stellar bout between the two legends.

It was as hard-hitting as expected, and it feels like it's been a while since we've seen Danielson in a match-up this physical. Owing to WWE's demands, he wrestled an adjusted style for his decade-long tenure, but in AEW, he already seems to be going back to his routes.

Suzuki comes from a time and place where physicality is crucial in a professional wrestling bout, and Bryan Danielson met these demands by unleashing his older, more physical, and brutal style of wrestling.

Violent shot from @suzuki_D_minoru...exactly what we expected - Watch a Special #AEW #BuyInLIVE NOW on YouTube FREE:

Danielson won, but the message that All Elite Wrestling sent was clear - he isn't going to get an instant World title shot against Kenny Omega despite the incredible match and draw at Arthur Ashe stadium.

Adam "Hangman" Page is next, and despite Bryan Danielson's incredible set of matches so far, his win over Minoru Suzuki on Rampage won't be enough to warrant a title shot. It's a long way back to the top for the four-time WWE Champion.

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