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AEW Dark: Elevation Results - Former WWE star challenges Sting, Paul Wight segment, Matt Hardy debuts new finisher - 5th April 2021

AEW Dark: Elevation.
AEW Dark: Elevation.
Modified 06 Apr 2021
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We're back with another stacked episode of AEW Dark: Elevation and today's card was headlined by a double main event.

Paul Wight and Tony Schiavone welcomed the fans as always before turning their attention to the show's first match.

"Hangman" Adam Page vs. Bill Collier on AEW Dark: Elevation

Collier used his power to floor Adam Page in the early goings of the match. Hangman responded with a chop, and Collier fired back with a few too.

Bill caught Page's kick and reacted with a big right-hand punch. Collier continued to land Kane-Esque strikes.

Collier delivered an impressive-looking delayed vertical suplex, followed by a leg drop for a one-count. Page created some separation by sending Collier outside. Hangman executed the plancha over the top rope before sending his opponent back into the ring.

He connected with three kicks on Collier, followed by a fallaway slam and a standing moonsault press for a two-count. Collier fought back with a few strikes to the back. Page followed him to the top and delivered a Frankenstiener. Page hit two running lariats, followed by the Buckshot Lariat, for the win.


Result: "Hangman" Adam Page def. Bill Collier on AEW Dark: Elevation

Grade: C+

Page shared a beer with Collier after the match, which was seen as a sign of respect.

Dean Alexander & Carlie Bravo vs. Varsity Blonds on AEW Dark: Elevation

Griff Garrison and Dean Alexander kicked off the match with a quick headlock exchange. Pillman Jr. got tagged and focused on Dean Alexander's left arm.

Varsity Blonds made quick tags and isolated Alexander in their corner. The Blonds executed a drop-toe hold-double stomp combo on Alexander for a two-count.

Dean got back into the match by attacking Garrison's legs. Bravo finally got tagged for the first time, and he kept Griff Garrison in his corner.

Alexander came back in and hit a Russian leg sweep followed by a double missile dropkick with Bravo.

Garrison, however, fought his way out of the opposite corner to make the hot tag to Pillman, who came in and executed a classic scoop power slam. He took Bravo out with a running dropkick through the middle ropes.


The Blonds hit the Missile dropkick/powerbomb double team combo on Carlie Bravo for the win.

Result: Varsity Blonds def. Dean Alexander & Carlie Bravo on AEW Dark: Elevation

Grade: C

Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (w/ Reba) vs. Alex Gracia on AEW Dark: Elevation

Baker grabbed the microphone and called Alex Gracia an enhancement talent before the match. Baker claimed she was the face of AEW's women's division and would handily squash Gracia.

Baker boasted about being a deathmatch expert and a proficient Greco-roman wrestler. Baker then gave Gracia a headstart by handing her opponent an excellent position to start the match on the mat. It was all just a trap as Baker turned around and caught Gracia in the Lockjaw.

Result: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. def. Alex Gracia on AEW Dark: Elevation

Grade: D

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Published 06 Apr 2021, 09:14 IST
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