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The Spear - Who does it best?

Israel Lutete
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Who doesn't love the spear?
Who doesn't love the spear?

The Spear - one of the most popular moves in the history of professional wrestling. The move has been used for more than two decades and thanks to some of the greatest wrestlers of all time, they made it what it is today.

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I mean, who doesn't love to see a wrestler nearly tearing his opponent in half with an incredible force? It's like someone being thrust with a giant spear.

Whether it is used as a finisher or a signature move, it still looks as powerful and dangerous as ever especially when the person performing it is a big guy like The Big Show, who makes the move look painful because of his huge size.

As I said, the spear is a very popular move and it has been used in major wrestling organisations like WCW, ECW and WWE.

But that doesn't mean every wrestler who has performed the move did it well. Others look like they're just trying to hug their opponents or giving them a spine buster.

That's why it didn't make sense when a lighter wrestler did the move since the whole point of the move was to make it look like you're at least trying to rip your opponent in half.

The move is so powerful, it was listed as one of the most dangerous moves in WWE. Everyone has their own opinion on who they believe does the best spear in WWE, so who is that person? You're about to find out.

#7 Charlotte Flair

No woman does the spear better than Charlotte
No woman does the spear better than Charlotte

You must probably be thinking "Why is Charlotte on this list and not The Big Show?" And the simple answer is unlike The Big Show, Charlotte performs the move regularly and seeing her spear another woman is like watching a lightning bolt in action.

You might disagree with me but not including Charlotte on this list is as silly as not including Big Show on this list too.

Charlotte does not perform the spear as her finishing move because she is occupied with the natural selection and the Figure-8 Leglock.

Flair is one of the most successful female superstars in the WWE right now. She has held both the Raw and Smackdown Women's Championship more than once. Oh, and she was the inaugural Raw Women's Champion in case you were wondering.

When she delivers The Spear, she does it with impact and it makes you feel sorry for the person receiving it.

She is the same person who speared Becky Lynch through the flippin' screen! I don't know any other female superstar who does the spear better than Charlotte Flair, so we can all clearly agree that she is one of the best performers of the spear in WWE history.

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