AEW Dark Results - Britt Baker segment ends in chaos, Team Taz destroys hometown hero, big main event, hot Chicago crowd, and more (24th August 2021)

AEW Dark featured seven matches in a loaded card.
AEW Dark featured seven matches in a loaded card.

This week's AEW Dark opened with a recap of CM Punk's stunning AEW debut from Rampage before Taz and Excalibur provided viewers with a quick preview of the match card.

The latest Dark episode was filmed in front of the same hot crowd at the United Center in Chicago that delivered one of the biggest pops in pro wrestling history on Rampage a few nights ago.

Today's lineup was relatively shorter than most weeks as seven matches rounded up the card. So without any further delay, here are the results and highlights of the 104th episode of AEW Dark:

Thunder Rosa vs. Heather Reckless on AEW Dark

Thunder Rosa has been AEW's go-to star to open Dark in recent weeks, and the former NWA Women's Champion got a solid reception from the fans in attendance.

Rosa changed levels and took her opponent down for a front-face headlock to start the match.

Reckless briefly backed the Hispanic star in the corner, but the latter replied with two perfect chops, followed by a running senton.

Thunder Rosa, however, missed her splash in the corner and ate a running forearm strike from Heather.

The AEW rookie immediately lost her momentum as Rosa put together some combination offense. She followed it with a vicious shotgun dropkick against the ropes. Rosa dropped her competitor down to the mat with a double underhook suplex.

Heather kicked out at two and reversed the Fire Thunder Driver to connect with an enziguri. She looked shocked after landing her kick and wasted time hooking her opponent's far leg.

Thunder Rosa exploited Heather's mistake by trapping her in a Peruvian Neck Tie out of nowhere.

Result: Thunder Rosa def. Heather Reckless on AEW Dark

Grade: C

Varsity Blonds (w/ Julia Hart) vs. Ren Jones & Brayden Lee (AEW Tag Team Debut) on AEW Dark

Griff Garrison kicked things off against Brayden Lee. The tall and rangy star used his reach to keep Lee at bay with a few punches.

Garrison's backdrop got a good reaction from the crowd and one from Ren Jones, who caught Griff with a blindsided attack.

Jones got the tag and executed a flatliner for a two-count. Garrison was in a rough spot for the next minute until he found an opening to break free. He decked Jones and Lee with a combination of strikes before rolling through to make the hot tag to Brian Pillman Jr.

Pillman began with a wild shoulder tackle on Jones. He then cracked Lee with a monstrous clothesline before getting back to Ren Jones with a barrage of chops.

Pillman reversed a hammer throw attempt into a diving crossbody from the top, and he used the follow-through momentum to catch Jones with a thrust kick.

He tagged out to Garrison, who knocked Brayden off the apron with a big boot. The announcers loved the impact as Griff then wobbled Jones with a rolling forearm shot. Pillman came flying in to deliver his Air Pillman finisher before Griff completed the pinfall.

Result: Varsity Blonds def. Ren Jones & Brayden Lee (AEW Tag Team Debut) on AEW Dark

Grade: B+

Powerhouse Hobbs (w/ Hook) vs. "Captain" Shawn Dean on AEW Dark

Chicago's very own Shawn Dean got a hero's welcome from his hometown fans on AEW Dark, and he looked highly pumped for a massive challenge against Team Taz's Powerhouse Hobbs.

The Captain took the fight to Hobbs with a big-time dropkick and a DDT. Powerhouse Hobbs looked hurt as Shawn Dean smelled the opportunity to pull off a gigantic upset.

Dean connected with another dropkick and roared as the Chicago fans cheered him on. He turned around and unfortunately got destroyed with a spinebuster out of nowhere from Hobbs.

The Team Taz member stopped the three-count as he wished to inflict more damage on his opponent. Hobbs eventually got the job done with the Town Business finisher.

Result: Powerhouse Hobbs def. "Captain" Shawn Dean (AEW Dark)

Grade: B

As expected, Team Taz drew heat from the Chicago audience with a post-match attack on Dean. At the commentary table, Ricky Starks grabbed a microphone and put over his faction while Hook and Hobbs pummeled a helpless Shawn Dean in the ring.

Starks warned that Brian Cage was in for a similar beating. Hook choked Dean out while seated on top of the turnbuckle, forcing the Captain to tap out to end the segment in dominant fashion.

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Edited by Kartik Arry
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