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AEW Dark Results (Special Episode) - Sami Zayn referenced on the show, Three exciting debuts and more - 6th November 2020

The Friday night special of AEW Dark had seven matches.
The Friday night special of AEW Dark had seven matches.
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AEW aired a special Friday night edition of Dark ahead of Full Gear

Former Mae Young Classic participant Tesha Price, Angel Dominguez, and Trevor Read made their AEW debuts tonight on a card that featured seven matches.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn was also interestingly referenced during the match. 

Without any further delay, let's get to the results and highlights of the show:

#1. Big Swole vs. Tesha Price on AEW Dark

Big Swole dropped Price after an attempted lockup. Swole executed another takedown and drove the knees into the kidneys of Price.

Back on the feet, Price fired back with a big slap. Price was now on top, as had Swole in a headlock. Tesha connected with a single foot dropkick for a 1-count.


Price was in control, but Swole fought back and leveled her opponent with a clothesline. Swole unleashed a series of open-handed slaps.

Swole ended the match with the Texas Cloverleaf.

Result: Big Swole def. Tesha Price on AEW Dark

Grade: B-

#2. Matt Sydal vs. Christopher Daniels on AEW Dark

Matt Sydal and Christopher Daniels shook hands before beginning the match, and the crowd sounded hyped. This one was bound to be good.

Both men jockeyed for position by exchanging hammerlocks and arm drags. Sydal got in an inside cradle before settling for the side headlock. On the feet, Sydal took Daniels down with a shoulder block.

Daniels got back with a standing splash. Sydal connected with a big round kick for a two. Matt leg swept Daniels before executing the vertical corkscrew Shooting Star press. That was insanely clean.

Daniels created some separation with a big high collar suplex, and Taz seemed impressed as the Original Suplex Machine gave him a 9.2. Daniels got a two-count following a Blue thunder powerbomb.


Sydal ate an elbow but took Daniels down from the top rope with the Hurricanerana. Sydal dropped Daniels with a side suplex, and the landing looked bad, which got him a near fall.

Sydal then went up to the top rope, but Daniels caught him on the way down and executed the Urinagi.

TH2 came out to the ramp, and Daniels was distracted. Sydal reversed the Angel's Wings into a pinfall for the win.

Result: Matt Sydal def. Christopher Daniels on AEW Dark

Grade: B+

#3. Brandon Cutler vs. Michael Nakazawa on AEW Dark

Fresh off his first win against Peter Avalon, Brandon Cutler looked to get a winning streak going as he took on Michael Nakazawa tonight.

Cutler and Nakazawa had a fast-paced start to the match, which included an impressive reverse DDT by Cutler for the two-count. The action shifted to the outside as Nakazawa connected with a clubbing blow before sending Cutler into the barricade. The oil was out as Nakazawa applied it on the apron to prevent Cutler from getting back in.

Cutler still managed to find a way back, and he connected with a springboard elbow. Nakazawa responded with a big spear for a near fall. Cutler got up and delivered the TPK for the win.


Result: Brandon Cutler def. Michael Nakazawa on AEW Dark

Grade: C

Frankie Kazarian cut a backstage promo in which he noted down his goals in AEW while also sending a message about TH2. Solid promo.

#4. Ariel Dominguez vs. Griff Garrison on AEW Dark

Garrison had a massive size advantage over Dominguez. However, Angel had some fire in him as he punched Garrison in the face.

Griff dropped Angel with a big boot in the middle of the ring. The Ivy League MVP executed a splash in the corner. He went for another splash, but Dominguez jumped to the top turnbuckle.

Garrison caught him in mid-air and ended the match with the Rack Bomb.

Result: Griff Garrison def. Ariel Dominguez on AEW Dark

Grade: C

Lance Archer hit the ring after the match; Garrison didn't back down! Griff drew first blood, but Archer rocked him with a kick before dumping him out of the ring.

Archer manhandled Dominguez by throwing the AEW debutant over the top rope. Jake 'The Snake' Roberts cut a promo and reminded everyone about Archer's intentions of becoming the AEW World Champion. Lance Archer ended the post-match segment with a great promo.

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Published 07 Nov 2020, 07:00 IST
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