AEW Dynamite Results: John Cena namedropped, Top heel confronts CM Punk, Bryan Danielson cements heel turn?

Several WWE stars were namedropped in the opening segment
Several WWE stars were namedropped in the opening segment

This week's edition of AEW Dynamite was a fantastic watch from beginning to end, especially the opening segment between CM Punk and MJF. The feud between these two is heating up. Both CM Punk and Bryan Danielson also wrestled on the show tonight, and we had a major eight-man tag as the main event.

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MJF confronts CM Punk to open AEW Dynamite

After all the talk, @The_MJF shows his true colors and backs away from @CMPunk - Watch #AEWDynamite LIVE everywhere on @tntdrama NOW!

CM Punk came out for his match against QT Marshall, but he was first interrupted by MJF.

The Salt Of The Earth said that if CM Punk went toe to toe with him on the mic, it would be curtains for him, and he would be finished faster than his UFC career. MJF added that while CM Punk dropped pipebombs, he dropped nukes.

Punk grabbed a mic of his own, saying that he didn't know MJF's name was Maxwell, while he was under the impression MJF stood for 'My Jealous Friend.'

Punk further added that what MJF was doing was not revolutionary, and in reality, he was just a less famous Miz.

MJF hit back, saying that CM Punk's breath smelt like s**t, from all the a** he was kissing. He added that by the look of Punk's eyes, he was the one who needed to Go To Sleep. MJF then namedropped John Cena, saying that CM Punk may as well teach 'Hustle, Loyalty, Respect.'

MJF added that CM Punk should be scared because in WWE, he was treated as the cult hero because fans thought he was held down. He then challenged Punk to prove everyone wrong.

PG Punk?! Watch #AEWDynamite LIVE everywhere on @tntdrama NOW!

MJF added that while he was every promoter's dream, Punk was just a tattooed guy from the worst part of the midwest - Chicago. He finished off by saying that Punk had always been second best, whether it be to John Cena and Triple H in the past or now to him.

CM Punk replied that he had indeed been scared when he came back after seven years. Punk replied that he was not scared any longer. The Straight Edge Superstar went on to say that when he decided to sign with AEW, he chose Darby Allin, something that must eat up MJF from inside.

Punk added that The Pinnacle Leader was so busy saying he was one of the pillars of AEW, he didn't even realize Britt Baker had replaced him. Punk added that the only way MJF could become the No.1 guy in AEW would be if everyone waited long enough for Tony Khan to have a daughter he could marry.

CM Punk finished off by saying that the last time he was in Chicago he gave everyone free ice cream, and the thing he could give them that's even better was by punching MJF.

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