AEW Dynamite Results: Wrestler returns after more than a year; Former WWE star makes stunning debut; Wardlow destroyed (May 18, 2022)

Dynamite featured several notable developments this week.
Dynamite featured several notable developments this week.
Arpit Shrivastava

This week's AEW Dynamite results would feature as many as two mystery opponents showing up to face Samoa Joe and Britt Baker. Apart from that, Jeff Hardy will also be in action against Adam Cole in a first-time-ever match.

Samoa Joe vs. Johnny Elite on AEW Dynamite

The ROH TV Champion hit a brutal chop on Johnny Elite, but the latter quickly got Joe down thanks to his speed and agility. Moments later, both were trading back-and-forth punches and elbow shots. The action spilled to the outside, where Johnny Elite hit a Corkscrew Moonsault to take Joe out.

Back from the commercial break, Samoa Joe hit a shoulder tackle, turning Johnny Elite inside out. Next, the ROH TV Champion executed a Senton for a close pinfall count. Joe brought Elite into the position for the Muscle Buster, but Johnny Elite countered it and hit the 450 Splash for a two count.

Elite went back to the top rope, from where he attempted another 450 Splash, but Joe brought up his knees just in time. Next, The Samoan Submission Machine finally hit the Muscle Buster to further advance in the Owen Hart Foundation Men's Tournament.

.@SamoaJoe advances in the #OwenHart Foundation Men's Tournament with a huge victory over #JohnnyElite! Watch #AEWDynamite LIVE on @TBSNetwork right now!

Samoa Joe defeated Johnny Elite on AEW Dynamite

Grade - B +

Post-match, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, and Satnam Singh attacked Samoa Joe. However, Best Friends came out just In time with chairs in their hands, forcing the heel trio to leave the ring.

.@JEFFHARDYBRAND has been medically cleared to compete in the #OwenHart Foundation Men's Tournament semi-finals later on tonight against @adamcolepro and The @youngbucks know it! Tune in NOW to #AEWDynamite LIVE on TBS!

Backstage on AEW Dynamite, Hardy Boys are confronted by The Young Bucks. Nick and Matt Jackson tell Jeff to take the night off since Adam Cole would easily defeat him. A furious Matt Hardy said The Young Bucks would never be on his and Jeff's level.

Hangman Page vs. Konosuke Takeshita on AEW Dynamite

Takeshita and Page quickly began trading elbow strikes in this first-time-ever match on AEW Dynamite. The world champion and the DDT star were fighting it off on the ring apron, from where Page dropped Takeshita on his back, after which he hit a Moonsault to assert his dominance. Hangman Page hit the Death Valley Driver on Konosure Takeshita for a close count inside the ring. Back in the live broadcast, Takeshita hit the Blue Thunder Bomb on the AEW Champion, hitting a Top Rope Suicida. Moments later, both men were down on the mat after hitting Clotheslines on each other.

Hangman Page next hit the Tombstone Piledriver for another close count. The AEW Champion attempted the Buckshot Lariat next, but Takeshita countered it by hitting the Powerbomb and the Knee for a close count. Konosuke Takeshita hit the German Suplex but failed to capitalize due to exhaustion.

This allowed Hangman Page to find his way back into the match as he hit a Lariat, followed by a Buckshot Lariat and finally a GTS for the win.

#AEW World Champion #Hangman @theadampage sending a direct message to @CMPunk by finishing @takesoup with the GTS! #AEWDynamite is LIVE on @TBSNetwork!

Hangman Page defeated Konosuke Takeshita

Grade - A -

Post-match, CM Punk stared down Hangman Page from the entrance ramp, with both eventually coming close to soak in the crowd reactions. AEW Champion finally walked away, leaving Punk in the middle.

Fuego Del Sol and Dark Order (Evil Uno and Preston Vance) challenged House of Black for a trios match on this week's AEW Rampage.

Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland vs. JD Drake and Anthony Henry on AEW Dynamite

And a huge victory for @RealKeithLee and @swerveconfident! Tune in to #AEWDynamite LIVE on @TBSNetwork right now!

Lee and Strickland dominated the opening few minutes of the match on AEW Dynamite, getting the better of both Drake and Henry. In the end, Lee and Strickland hit the Powerbomb-Stomp combination to secure the victory.

Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland defeated The Workehorseman

Grade - C

.@starkmanjones and @TrueWillieHobbs have some opinions about the state of the #AEW World Tag Team division, but the Tag Team champs @boy_myth_legend and @luchasaurus and @Christian4peeps want the final word! Tune in to #AEWDynamite LIVE on @TBSNetwork right now!

Post-match, Keith Lee and Strickland said they had entered the top five in the AEW tag team rankings, after which Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs came out to sing their praises. This led to AEW Tag Team Champions Jurassic Express and Christian Cage coming out, with the WWE legend revealing that both the challengers would get a shot at the tag titles at Double or Nothing 2022.

Moreover, Cage also disclosed that Jungle Boy, Hobbs, and Strickland would square off in a three-way match at next week's AEW Dynamite.

Kris Statlander and Red Velvet hyped their upcoming match from AEW Rampage in a backstage interview, where TBS Champion Jade Cargill also made her presence felt.

MJF gives ten lashes to Wardlow on AEW Dynamite

The Salt of the Earth warned that if Wardlow tried to retaliate during the lashes, he would not get a match at Double or Nothing and would neither be offered an AEW contract. Mr. Mayhem soon made his way out into the ring, where MJF spit on his former Pinnacle stablemate.

A cowardly move by @The_MJF on the last lash! Watch #AEWDynamite LIVE on @TBSNetwork right now!

Wardlow took the first seven lashes without showing any pain. This understandably angered MJF, who then handed the belt to Shawn Spears.

MJF hit a low blow from behind just before the final lash, after which he struck Wardlow with his Dynamite Diamond Ring. Shawn Spears then took charge of things as he executed a C4 on Mr. Mayhem.

Backstage, Trent Beretta and Rocky Romero announced their intentions of winning the ROH, IWGP, and AEW Tag Team Championships. The duo then officially challenged FTR to a dream tag team match.

Kyle O'Reilly vs. Rey Fenix on AEW Dynamite

O'Reilly and Fenix traded some quick reversals and pinfall attempts in the opening moments of the match on AEW Dynamite. The fight soon spilled to the outside, where Rey Fenix took out Kyle O'Reilly with a Top Rope Suicida.

Back in the ring, the former WWE star locked in the Triangle Sleeper on Fenix, but the Luchador managed to get out of the hold just in time.

This #OwenHart Foundation Men's Tournament Quarterfinal match is well on its way here between @KORCombat and @ReyFenixMx! #AEWDynamite is LIVE on @TBSNetwork!

During the commercial break, O'Reilly continued to dominate the proceedings as he manhandled Rey Fenix on the outside. Back from the commercial break, Fenix found an opening in the match as he hit a couple of kicks and a powerbomb variation on Kyle O'Reilly for a close count.

The Luchador next hit Hurricarana for another two counts. The former NXT Tag Team Champion retaliated by hitting a Butterfly Suplex. After a few more back-and-forth maneuvers, O'Reilly locked in the Double Wrist Lock. Moments later, the Undisputed Elite member locked in the Armbar on Rey Fenix to qualify for the semifinals of the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament.

Kyle O'Reilly defeated Rey Fenix on AEW Dynamite

Grade - A -

The Jericho Appreciation Society and Blackpool Combat Club, alongside Eddie Kingston and Proud & Powerful, confronted each other on AEW Dynamite. Jericho took many potshots at William Regal, saying he was surprised to see him alive. He also termed the former NXT GM as a world-class "addict."

The former AEW Champion then took digs at Santana and Ortiz, claiming everything they have in the company is because of him. He also proceeded to take deeply-personal shots at Eddie Kingston and called Bryan Danielson a "nerd."

.@RealKingRegal shares some stories of his own! Tune in to #AEWDynamite LIVE on @TBSNetwork right now!

William Regal next took the mic and hilariously said he has been rubbing Jericho's toothbrush up his bottom since joining AEW. Le Champion was about to challenge Blackpool Combat Club, Kingston, and Proud & Powerful to a Stadium Stampede match at Double or Nothing 2022, but Jon Moxley quickly interrupted him.

He instead challenged them to a "Blood and Guts" match at the pay-per-view, which Jericho accepted. Kingston then urged JAS to step up and fight them now, but Danielson stopped him, leading to both performers almost coming to blows.

Britt Baker vs. Maki Itoh on AEW Dynamite

Baker and Itoh, who were former tag team partners, embraced before the match on AEW Dynamite, after which the latter lay down on the mat for Britt Baker to pin her.

However, it turned out to be a trap as just when The Doctor tried to pin her; Maki Itoh turned it into an Inside Cradle for a close count.

Dr. @realbrittbaker DMD advances in the #OwenHart Foundation Women's Tournament and she will face #ToniStorm in the Semifinals! Watch #AEWDynamite LIVE on @TBSNetwork right now!

Back from the commercial break, Baker took control of the match. However, Itoh made a comeback after hitting a Tornado DDT on the former AEW Women's Champion for a close count.

However, Britt Baker quickly recovered, hit a kick, and then forced Itoh to tap out to the Lockjaw to advance to the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament semifinals.

Britt Baker defeated Maki Itoh

Grade - B -

Post-match, Toni Storm came out as she and Britt Baker stared down ahead of their upcoming match as part of the coveted tournament.

Toni Schiavone was in the ring, hyping next week's episode of AEW Dynamite, which happens to be the third anniversary of the promotion. Serena Deeb interrupted the legendary broadcaster and invited the veteran performer Dustin Rhodes to come out inside the squared circle.

The Professor slammed Dustin for siding with AEW Women's Champion Thunder Rosa during their feud. Deeb spoke about all the struggles she endured during her career and asked Dustin why he picked Rosa as the favorite to win at Double or Nothing 2022 over her.

.@SerenaDeeb demanding RESPECT! Watch #AEWDynamite LIVE on @TBSNetwork right now!

Thunder Rosa stormed into the ring, but Dustin Rhodes stopped her, allowing Serena Deeb to attack her from behind and walk away.

Adam Cole vs. Jeff Hardy on AEW Dynamite

The Panama City Playboy attacked The Charismatic Enigma during the latter's entrance on AEW Dynamite. Adam Cole firmly gained control of the match as he sent Jeff Hardy crashing into the steel steps on the outside. The former NXT Champion continued to dominate Hardy throughout the commercial break.

Back on the live broadcast, Jeff Hardy hit a Leg Drop on Adam Cole to finally find an opening in this match. The former WWE Champion was about to hit the Moonsault, but Cole countered it by hitting the Superkick.

What a counter by @adamcolepro! Watch #AEWDynamite LIVE on @TBSNetwork right now!

Moments later, Jeff Hardy hit a Stunner on Adam Cole and then took the top rope to hit the Swanton Bomb. However, Cole moved aside just in time and then hit The Boom on Jeff to qualify for the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament.

Adam Cole defeated Jeff Hardy on AEW Dynamite

Grade - B -

It's chaos here at #AEWDynamite as now @Sting and @DarbyAlllin get involved! What a night here on @TBSNetwork!

Post-match, The Young Bucks and Adam Cole attacked The Hardy Boyz, but Sting and Darby Allin came out to even the odds. The reDRagon attacked Allin, but The Icon took the duo down single-handedly. This allowed The Young Bucks to recover and hit a double Superkick on Sting.

There was complete carnage in the ring as The Undisputed Elite stood tall.

This week's AEW Dynamite was a mixed bag as the opening match, and the main event turned out to be slightly disappointing affairs. That said, Hangman Page's bout with Konosuke Takeshita was arguably the strongest fight of the episode and an easy contender for the match of the month.

Grade - B

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