As "CM Punk quits AEW" trends online, here's the latest on the former WWE Champion's status

A timeline of the various CM Punk real life feuds since 2022
CM Punk's conflicts have generated more headlines than his match results

Wrestling fans have been discussing allegations that CM Punk has threatened to quit AEW following his backstage brawl with Jack Perry. He has been in several feuds throughout his wrestling career, both on-screen and off-screen. Here's a timeline of what's happened with Punk since his 2022 outing in AEW.

A brief timeline of CM Punk's All In Feud

CM Punk and Jack Perry don't get along in 2023

Jack Perry and Punk's backstage physical altercation took center stage in the headlines, even as AEW was in the midst of the largest event in its history, All In.

That altercation's origin came from Perry's intention to use real glass in a wrestling match supposed to take place on AEW: Collision. The Voice of the Voiceless was consulted, and he didn't agree with the use of glass as he believed it was too dangerous. That scenario would have ended there, but Perry took the backstage feud to broadcast when he referred to 'real glass' being used in his match with HOOK at All In.

Perry and Punk had a physical altercation backstage right when Perry was returning from his match, and Punk was about to face Samoa Joe at the Pay-Per-View.

Aftermath of the CM Punk-Jack Perry feud

There's been an implosion since that altercation, with reports pouring in that Punk has had some harsh words with Khan, even alleging that he's planning to quit. Then, there are reports that both Punk and Perry stand suspended, and therefore will not be part of the upcoming pay-per-view All Out, happening this Sunday.


There's also the questionable incident of Punk not being picked up by AEW and having to take the train to AEW All In, effectively hinting that he is out of favor of Khan and AEW. And while so many names are entering the feuds, there's a report that Brody King was pretty heated up about the Perry-Punk feud.

As of now, both are confirmed not to be at All Out and what twists this real-life beef takes remains to be seen. And the question of whether CM Punk is actually planning to leave AEW remains just that, a question.

What do you think? Who is to blame for the Punk-Perry feud? Tell us in the comments section.

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