How long before we see a power struggle within The Elite in AEW?

With strong personas like Adam Cole and Kenny Omega, will The Elite be able to stay on the same page?
With strong personas like Adam Cole and Kenny Omega, will The Elite be able to stay on the same page?

When Adam Cole arrived in AEW, there was reason to rejoice for The Elite.

Reunited, this off-shoot of The Bullet Club looked like one big, happy family. You had Cole, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and The Good Brothers – all in the same place at the same time. It felt like some kind of pro-wrestling paradise.

Over the past few years, this group has been separated by different companies and continents. So, it seems like everything came full circle when Cole–the final piece of the puzzle–came home.

Cole proceeded to grab the mic and put over his Bullet Club brethren, calling the Young Bucks the best tag team of all-time and praising Omega's skills in the ring.

Once Adam Cole arrived, all was right with The Elite.

The Elite looks fantastic right now, but how long will the lovefest last between all these huge egos?

Anytime you have a group this big with this much talent, you can bet there will be unrest at some point.

There's always a chance that trouble could bubble up between the two tag teams. After all, these are two of the best pairings in the world in The Young Bucks and The Good Brothers. There may come a time when the Jackson brothers decide they want to knock down the forbidden door and win the IMPACT tag team titles.

Or it could just come down to a mere battle of egos, with each team claiming to be the best in the world. Either way, a feud between the duos would be amazing and could spill back and forth between AEW and IMPACT.

But the MOST LIKELY scenario that might cause a rift in The Elite could come down to a battle of wills between leader Omega and the newcomer in Cole.

These two have a long history, and it hasn't always been pretty.

Remember? It was Omega who once famously kicked Cole out of the Bullet Club years ago.

Omega has long been established as the leader of his clique and the number one guy in The Elite. He's treated as the kingpin and has never really been challenged.

Having said that, Cole has spent the last few years as the leader of his faction and is used to being the guy in charge. It makes perfect sense that, at some point, he'll get tired of taking Omega's orders and rebel.

A battle between the two could tear the group in half and start an Elite Civil War. Much the same way the nWo was once split into two warring sides.

It won't happen anytime soon, as AEW will ride out this storyline and let The Elite simply roll over opponents for a while. They should rule the promotion as the top faction before letting it eventually implode.

This is a group that's been known for high turnovers during their Bullet Club days, so it's easy to envision them at each others' throats at some point.

If it eventually happens, wrestling fans will benefit from all the intriguing matches and storylines that come out of it.

Do you think The Elite will split any time soon? Let us know in the comments below!

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