"Start two promotions" - WWE veteran wants Tony Khan to let suspended AEW stars run ROH to avoid another backstage tussle

Tony Khan has been in a management battle lately!
Tony Khan has been in a management battle lately!

Wrestling veteran Jim Cornette supports the idea of Tony Khan sending The Young Bucks to ROH to avoid future backstage issues.

A barrage of recent unfortunate backstage tussles in AEW has spun trouble for Tony Khan. The media scrum following All Out pay-per-view led to one such uninvited obstacle in the boss' leadership bracket.

CM Punk's ballistic rant at Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks stunned the pro-wrestling world. It translated into a nasty backstage scruffle, which resulted in chair-throwing, punching, and even biting. The Elite were suspended by Mr. Khan, with no word on Punk and Ace Steel's future with the promotion.

Speaking on Official Jim Cornette YouTube channel, Cornette gave a green signal to the idea of Matt and Nick Jackson's ROH transfer:

"Yeah, start two promotions, one wrestling [alluding to AEW] and one gymnastics [alluding to ROH] and let the Cucamongs kids and their friends play there. Of course, then you're spending a lot of money for no f**king reason otherwise that a bunch of people are godd**n immature childish jackoffs," said Cornette. [From 2:10 to 2:28]

The former WWE manager further spoke about ratings if the afore-mentioned idea turns into reality:

"Then we could see whether the real wrestling or the godd**n cheerleading routines is what drew the ratings in the money and we think we know what that case would be," he added. [From 2:29 to 2:40]
According to sources The Young Bucks confronted CM Punk about his comments at the media scrum last night. It did get physical with Punk throwing punches at least one member of the Young Bucks. A number intervened to separate everyone.- @SMuehlhausenJr

Jim Cornette feels Tony Khan might face bitter legal complications

Criticizing the involved stars, many fans and veterans deemed the backstage drama unnecessary. To set things straight, Tony Khan immediately stripped The Elite and CM Punk of their respective titles.

The AEW President also set up a third-party investigation to get to the bottom of the incident.

Speaking on Jim Cornette's Drive Thru podcast, the former wrestling manager opined that The Young Bucks might sue Mr. Khan if fired:

"If Tony was to fire [The Bucks], they’ll probably sue him! But if they sue Punk - and I’ve been in a party to a few lawsuits - they almost have to sue Tony Khan, because Khan not only set up the working relationship, and they might name up the arena and arena security," said Cornette.

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It's amazing that for Punk and the Young Bucks this suspension is a swirling stress vortex of lawsuit threats, rumors of being fired, and WWE speculation and for Kenny Omega it's the best summer vacation ever.…

There has been no clear word on The Elite and CM Punk's future with the Jacksonville-based promotion. Fans are eager to know how the investigation will unfold and what developments will roll through.

What's your take on the Matt and Nick Jackson's future with AEW? Sound off in the comments below.

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