"They’ll probably sue him" - WWE veteran believes two suspended AEW stars ought to take action against Tony Khan for mismanagement of All Out incident

Tony, and his father Shahid Khan.
Tony, and his father Shahid Khan

Tony Khan is currently at one of the most challenging points of his journey as the AEW President following All Out 2022. Meanwhile, Jim Cornette noted that two stars involved in the recent backstage brawl would likely sue Khan for his alleged mismanagement of the situation.

While the details about what exactly happened during the altercation are still hazy, it's largely believed that the All Out media scrum led to the tussle. During the interview, CM Punk blasted The Elite while Tony Khan awkwardly sat beside the former AEW World Champion.

During the most recent episode of Jim Cornette's Drive Thru, the former wrestling manager speculated that The Elite's potential AEW departure wouldn't impact the promotion in the long run.

"You can fire the Bucks and Kenny [Omega] and it wouldn’t really impact business because people are already tuning out of them anyway, and we’ve done nine months without Kenny and it was actually better," Cornette said. (08:45 onward)

Cornette added that The Young Bucks might still sue Khan if he ends up firing them.

"But if Tony was to fire [The Bucks], then they’ll probably sue him! But if they sue Punk - and I’ve been in a party to a few lawsuits - they almost have to sue Tony Khan, because Khan not only set up the working relationship, and they might name up the arena and arena security." (09:32 onward)

The Young Bucks were recently under scrutiny by the AEW fanbase after rumors surfaced of them "sending feelers" out to WWE. However, an unnamed WWE star reportedly shut down the talk and clarified their intentions.

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Jim Cornette believes that Tony Khan should strip The Young Bucks of their EVP status

Tony Khan initially started AEW alongside Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks. All the stars involved then became Executive Vice Presidents, increasing their backstage involvement.

During an episode of The Jim Cornette Experience, the wrestling veteran suggested that Tony Khan put Jim Ross in charge of talent relations.

"Bring Jim Ross in and put him in charge of talent relations. Regardless of if they ever come back or if they f**k off forever, do not let the executive vice presidents be executive vice presidents anymore," Cornette said. (H/T: InsideTheRopes)
Earned that EVP title Wednesday. (T-shirt now available @

Regardless of the outcome of the ongoing internal investigation, The Elite's status as EVPs will likely have a major influence on the steps taken hereafter. Will Tony Khan bite the bullet and fire either party, or will the AEW President buckle both ways? Fans will have to stay tuned to find out.

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