WWE legend Eric Bischoff believes that AEW's recent ratings spike is meaningless and that their fan base has "deteriorated"

Bischoff has been very critical of All Elite Wrestling.
Bischoff has been very critical of All Elite Wrestling.

AEW recently saw a bump in their viewership after the events of the post-All Out backstage brawl. However, Eric Bischoff believes this doesn't indicate renewed interest and that it was temporary.

Bischoff has been very vocal about his displeasure when it comes to AEW's booking decisions. The veteran once led WCW and has experience when it comes to crafting stories for professional wrestling and making it work on television.

During a recent episode of Strictly Business, Bischoff spoke on AEW's numbers and weekly averages.

"They did some of their highest numbers... Okay, so they improved their weekly averages by about 50 to 75,000 people? Let's turn the corner and see if the car wreck is on the side of the highway and if they've cleaned it up yet," Bischoff said. [H/T: WrestlingINC]
AEW Dynamite last night on TBS (8-10pm):990,000 viewersP18-49 rating: 0.34#9 cable original in P18-49📊

Bischoff believes that there's no "renewed interest" in the product anymore and that the fan base has "deteriorated" since their 2019 debut.

Despite the initial surge after the CM Punk/The Elite fiasco, Dynamite saw a drop off from last week's total viewership, lending credibility to the WWE Hall of Famer's assessments.

Eric Bischoff also believes that Tony Khan made a monumental error in buying Ring of Honor, which he went into detail on recently.

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Eric Bischoff recently went into an expletive rant on how he would have handled former AEW World Champion, CM Punk

The backstage drama that seemingly resulted in the promotion gaining a substantial jump in viewers has been the subject of a ton of rumors, news, and opinions. Regardless, CM Punk and The Elite have effectively caused a division amongst the AEW fans.

During the most recent 83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff spon howlated how he would have fired CM Punk:

"I just would have quit paying him. I would have made him sue me. I would have made him go hire an attorney. I’d have made him go in debt. You want your money? Come and get it, b***h. I think Tony Khan could kick CM Punk’s a**. Motherf***er can’t throw a punch without breaking something! And I’ve seen him fight in the UFC!" [From 0:36 onward]
I don’t how you feel about CM Punk or the situation as a whole this segment more specifically this part was MOVING. One of the best promos of his run/career and it got overlooked but he FELT everything he said which made you feel it like you experienced it too. #aew #CMPunk

Eric Bischoff and CM Punk have not seen eye-to-eye for quite some time, as the two also got into it on social media not too long ago.

But will Tony Khan end up following any of Bischoff's advice, or will he simply try to keep pushing forward? Sounds off in the comments section below!

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