"An insignificant, off-the-radar, unknown brand." - WWE legend takes a massive shot at Tony Khan for his purchase of Ring of Honor

Khan during his ROH acquisition announcement.
Khan during his ROH acquisition announcement.

Tony Khan has now begun to face backlash for his purchase of Ring of Honor and the lack of a TV deal. A WWE legend recently aired out his frustrations about the acquisition.

Tony Khan first purchased the then-out-of-business ROH in May 2022. This led many of the stars involved with the promotion to jump to AEW, with fans hoping it would result in a television deal. Unfortunately, ROH currently remains homeless, with its stars and champions appearing on AEW.

Speaking on the most recent episode of Strictly Business, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff dug deep into Tony Khan on the state of ROH before his purchase.

“How many YouTube viewers did Ring of Honor get before they were purchased? You’re talking about tens of thousands, maybe? It was an insignificant, off-the-radar, unknown brand, with the exception of the most active of the internet wrestling community who sought it out," Bischoff said.
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Bischoff continued, claiming that even if Khan simply wanted their wrestling library, the production was so poor that he couldn't stream it at a premium price.

“The library was worth almost nothing. A lot of that library is so poorly produced it doesn’t lend itself to a premium streaming platform.” (H/T: SEScoops)

It remains to be seen what Tony Khan ends up doing with Ring of Honor, but so far some of his actions, like keeping Brian Cage delegated to the promotion, have been met with a ton of backlash.

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Dutch Mantell believes that Tony Khan put the ROH World Championship on Chris Jericho so that they can finally get a TV deal

Ring of Honor is currently in an odd position, as it's a historic promotion and has World Championships held by wrestlers, but has no official home. For months, anything ROH has simply been a part of AEW's B-Show match card or completely taken the show over. This has largely led to fans being confused.

During an episode of Storytime with Dutch Mantell, the wrestling veteran shared how he believes Tony Khan made the right decision.

"I think he's going to Ring of Honor when they get it started since he's the champion, he'd have to go and I'll think, he'll have a little more pull there than he probably has in AEW right now," he said. (0:51 onward)
The stadium is in disbelief as @IAmJericho snatches Ocho, his 8th World Championship - the @ringofhonor World Championship, bringing 2 #ROH titles to the #JerichoAppreciationSociety! It’s #AEWDynamite Grand Slam LIVE on @TBSNetwork!

It remains to be seen if Ring of Honor will get a TV deal at all, but with Chris Jericho as the face of the promotion, they might just pull it off. Will The Wizard end up being the best thing for ROH or will his inclusion not affect them at all?

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