AEW star reveals what led to his gimmick change 4 years ago (Exclusive)

What shaped this star
What shaped this star's recognizable gimmick before joining AEW?

The AEW roster is filled with many vastly different gimmicks and personas, but none of them stand out quite like The Murderhawk Monster. Recently, Lance Archer explained where the gimmick came from during an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling.

While he hasn't captured gold in the promotion yet, Archer is a fan-favorite star and has had many successful bouts in AEW. Unlike many of the high flyers in the roster, the veteran stands out due to his dominating in-ring presence and brutal powerhouse style.

During his recent interview with Bill Apter, Lance Archer explained how he originally became known as "The Murderhawk Monster."

"Originally, it was kind of a derivation of [my] hair. Originally, I changed my look, this was back in 2019 for New Japan when they did the G1 in Dallas, Texas. I wanted to come out in a whole different image, it was kind of like in a big mohawk, crazy-looking thing, attitude was a little different, more aggressive, more dangerous." [From 01:50 to 02:14]

Check out the entire interview below:


During the same interview, Archer was also asked why he has been kept off of television for so long, he returned last week after months of absence. According to the star, the AEW roster is simply afraid of him.

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According to the AEW star, The Murderhawk Monster has become a whole personality

Other than his signature braids that often go from red to white to black, Lance Archer is known for his surprisingly catchy theme "Everybody Dies." According to the star, this brutal persona has taken on a life of its own.

Continuing in the same interview, Archer expressed how this persona has come to exist on its own.

"It was just fun to say at first, The Murderhawk Monster, and it’s kind of morphed into its own persona. The hair’s still kinda there, with the braids and all, but it’s gone past the hairstyle, now it’s become a whole personality." [02:14 to 02:25]

Lance Archer might have recently lost to Orange Cassidy at Battle of the Belts, but he doesn't seem to be slowing down. Taking to social media after his loss, The Murderhawk vowed that he's far from quitting.

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