AEW star rightly upset about Brock Lesnar squashing Kofi Kingston for the WWE title, says veteran

Brock Lesnar defeated Kofi Kingston for the WWE title in six seconds.

Kofi Kingston won the WWE title to the delight of fans at WrestleMania 35, rewarding one of the company's most consistent workers for the past decade. But his run came to a screeching halt when he was stopped by Brock Lesnar in just six seconds. It was a decision that many, including AEW's Dax Harwood, felt strongly towards. Konnan agrees with the sentiment too, as he explained recently.

Dax Harwood explained recently that he was deeply upset by the decision to rip the belt from Kofi Kingston in such a way. There was little to no expectation that Kofi would go over Brock Lesnar, but the prevailing notion was that the manner he defeated him wasn't befitting of someone who held the company's top title.

Konnan agreed with the sentiment during Keepin' it 100, noting that Kingston had worked hard to get to the position he was in. The AAA booker further said he wouldn't have made that booking decision either.

"Well I think what Dax is saying is this guy [Kofi Kingston] tried really hard to get where he's at, he was really trying hard and all of a sudden they beat him so quick and it was kind of slapping the face to everybody else. I can see where he could be upset but I don't know why Brock needed to defeat this guy so quickly. But you know, I wouldn't have done it," Konnan said. [1:50 - 2:20]

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Brock Lesnar appeared at WWE's Royal Rumble event last weekend

Brock remains one of WWE's premier attractions and was even featured in last weekend's Royal Rumble match. The Beast Incarnate joined the Rumble as the 12th entrant, where he racked up quick eliminations before standing off with Intercontinental Champion, Gunther.

BROCK LESNAR IS DESTROYING EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE!@fightbobby eliminates The Beast in the Men's #RoyalRumble Match and @BrockLesnar is taking out his frustrations at ringside!

Their interaction would not last long as Lesnar's serial rival Bobby Lashley entered at 13. The All Mighty later eliminated Brock, who became insensed and lashed out at anyone around him at ringside. The idea is Brock and Bobby are set to renew their rivalry at a later stage, presumably WrestleMania 39.

What did you make of Kofi Kingston's WWE title run? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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