After CM Punk’s return, fans call for another WWE legend to return to the company under Triple H’s regime

CM Punk and Triple H shared a photo with one another the same day as the former
CM Punk and Triple H shared a photo with one another the same day as the former's return to WWE

With all the moves between WWE and AEW of late, many have been speculating what the next big move could be. Seeing the likes of CM Punk, and Cody Rhodes making blockbuster moves, fans believe the next big one could be the return of Chris Jericho.

Just last week, The Straight Edge Superstar made his shocking return to WWE for the first time in almost a decade. The entire internet blew up, as no one expected the promotion to pull it off. At WrestleMania 38, Cody Rhodes shocked the world as the first AEW star to jump ship. These have opened up the possibility for any star to move across the two promotions.

A fan on Twitter brought up how Chris Jericho reprising his Y2J gimmick could be one of the big returns that the fans would want. In his time with the promotion, he was very popular, and his returns have usually brought major pops from the crowd. Fans believe that another return might do the trick once more.

Fans were excited about the possibility, but some believed that Y2J would return to his former theme song "Break the Walls Down," and this would get a major reaction from the crowd. While a fan brought up how he had an AEW contract and this may not be possible, another fan countered this by saying that Mickie James made a brief appearance while holding an IMPACT title, so anything was possible.

A fan also suggested that he should return with his current theme song "Judas". This could have the same effect as Cody Rhodes using his "Kingdom" theme for his WWE return. Another fan claimed that with Triple H in charge, anything was possible at this point.

Fans' reactions to a Chris Jericho return
Fans' reactions to a Chris Jericho return

Chris Jericho regrets not facing CM Punk before he returned to WWE

CM Punk's return to WWE meant a complete closure to his AEW run, and the end of a chapter.

Chris Jericho recently replied to a fan who mentioned that they had wanted to see The Ocho and The Straight Edge Superstar face each other one more time. Jericho replied to the post and said he too wished he had the chance to face Punk. The last time they shared the ring would be in 2013.

Now that CM Punk is with a different promotion, there could still be a possibility that he and Jericho could share the ring, but this would only happen if they met in a WWE ring.

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