"I feel a little stagnant" - Andrade El Idolo airs his frustrations amidst rumors of AEW departure

Andrade's AEW status seems more and more uncertain.

Andrade El Idolo has kicked off quite a lot of buzz over the past few days as more rumors are being spread about him possibly leaving AEW.

In a recent interview, the star himself noted that he feels like his career is stagnant, possibly adding fuel to the rumors.

Andrade seems to be happily married to WWE Superstar Charlotte, and this very relationship is why many believe he's more likely to jump. While the star has not had any truly compelling stories in AEW, might he simply decide to work with WWE again to make his real-life more simple?

During a recent interview with Más Lucha, Andrade openly stated that he currently feels stagnant. However, he did clarify that he didn't enjoy WWE's work schedule:

"Right now I feel a little stagnant. I feel like I want more. I feel like although I have a good contract, the schedule is good. I like the schedule because WWE was inhuman, it was quite a lot."
¡@AndradeElIdolo llega a la pantalla de +Lucha!No te pierdas la entrevista que tenemos con la estrella internacional y checa todo lo que platico con @bernardojosegn. 📅 HOY🕕 6:00 pm▶️

The star continued, addressing the criticisms fans have had about the number of matches he's had in AEW so far, but with RUSH back, he feels more determined.

"People cannot imagine, they think because he is fighting on TV, it is the only time he fights. There are non-televised matches in other cities, other countries. Right now it’s difficult because I want more. I feel like I want more now that RUSH is back. It’s the pressure that we want more,” said Andrade. [H/T: WrestleTalk]

The former WWE Superstar might not be the only one who believes that his AEW career is trifling, as a WCW veteran recently criticized the way he's been portrayed in the promotion and the lack of good angles he's been involved in.

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Andrade El Idolo has done far more to fire up the rumors of an AEW exit, especially after starting the #FreeEIIdolo hashtag

Vocal fans seem to be very adamant about seeing stars like El Idolo, Miro, Swerve Strickland, and Malakai Black back in WWE. Despite all the stars being released from WWE or having bad experiences, these fans believe that the stars would succeed today.

Andrade hasn't outright said he agrees with any of the fans, but the fact that he's constantly been making teases and dropping hints could mean that he's considering it.

However, the star could simply be trolling fans and intentionally getting social media - and hopefully fans in attendance - buzzing about him and what could be next.

Regardless, Tony Khan is rumoredly not going to grant any star their release and will try to hash things out instead. Fans waiting to see Andrade return to WWE might just have to wait until his contract expires.

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