"Punk doesn't lie" - Twitterati agrees with CM Punk's infamous 'I work with f**cking children' statement after another alleged backstage incident between two AEW stars surfaces

Was the former AEW World Champion right all along?
Was the former AEW World Champion right all along?

CM Punk might be one of the most polarizing AEW stars today after his now infamous All Out media scrum rant. However, after some more dirty laundry was recently aired, some fans have begun to see the star's point.

The former world champion also cut a memorable promo soon after his return, where he notably kept saying, "tell me when I'm telling lies." Social media quickly ran with the quote, with fans now seemingly using it as a catchphrase to rally behind CM Punk.

While the post-All Out backstage brawl drew many eyes towards AEW, the recent viral social media spat between Andrade El Idolo and Sammy Guevara has taken center stage. Fans seem to largely be behind Andrade, but many have pointed out that this makes the promotion look terrible.

Punk also notably complained about having to "work with children" before going into a tirade about Hangman Page and Colt Cabana. The former Second City Saint has since been called unprofessional by many wrestling veterans for his statements, but fans seem to be seeing things his way now.

Check out the Twitter reactions below:

CM Punk, "I work with children"...🤣😉🤔…
@NoDQ_Virtue He was lowkey right
@NoDQ_Virtue Punk doesn’t lie
@NoDQ_Virtue @sammyguevara is a punk who wouldn’t last a minute in the real world… Anyone can talk on Twitter…
@NoDQ_Virtue Thanks god they don't do those stupid cards anymore! Sammy heel it's just too much 🤢🤮
@NoDQ_Virtue I loathe CM Punk. He is right about AEW, its a trash federation. Not real competition to WWE. WWE really needs a serious competitior or else this boring smark garbage will continue.
@NoDQ_Virtue That’s what I’ve been saying. Punk wasn’t wrong at all. He called people out on their BS.
@NoDQ_Virtue i can give punk that. Literally the only thing he was right about
@NoDQ_Virtue I can't take AEW seriously anymore.
@NoDQ_Virtue he wasnt wrong...that laid back culture had its issues. Even Cody knew

So far, the consensus has been loud in favor of The Elite, but as time goes on, could more people begin to see the point behind CM Punk's rant?

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CM Punk allegedly has a ton of heat on him backstage, despite weeks passing since AEW All Out

While Twitter might be swinging their favor towards the former AEW World Champion, the locker room might not be quick to forgive. CM Punk's rant rubbed a lot of stars the wrong way and could have affected his perception amongst his peers.

During a recent episode of Keepin' It 100, WCW veteran Konnan recalled a conversation he had with someone backstage at AEW.

“I finally did speak to somebody in the dressing room on this and I had said this... it’s very important that if the boys are mad at Punk or Omega or The Young Bucks or whoever’s got the heat in there that needs to be taken into account and this [anonymous] guy told me that’s got mega heat right now is Punk,” Konnan said. [From 31:29 onward]
CM Punk shoots on Hangman, Colt Cabana and AEW EVP's The Young Bucks at All Out post conference!!!Rumor has it there was a backstage fight between Punk and The Young Bucks after this interview! #AEWAllOut #AEW #AEWAllOut2022

All Elite Wrestling is facing many internal issues right now that are slowly beginning to dampen the fan's perception. But did CM Punk simply bring the issues to light?

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