Major AEW star slams Bryan Danielson as a "judgmental pr**k"

Bryan Danielson's colleague did not mince his words
Bryan Danielson's colleague did not mince his words

Eddie Kingston has made it clear that he and fellow AEW star Bryan Danielson are not friends, speaking in a recent interview with Joe Roderick.

Kingston and Bryan have only recently partnered with one another. The Blackpool Combat Club joined the Mad King, Santana, and Ortiz in their war against the Jericho Appreciation Society. They fought alongside each other against JAS at AEW Double or Nothing in the 'Anarchy in the Arena' match.

Their alliance is likely to have been a result of their mutual acquaintance Jon Moxley. Mox spent a large chunk of 2021 partnering with his close friend, with the pair challenging the Young Bucks for their AEW tag titles. This year, the Purveyor of Violence has forged unity in blood and sweat with Bryan Danielson.

But that doesn't mean Kingston has been able to bury the hatchet with Bryan. The Mad King has been able to put his personal issues aside to acknowledge Bryan's ability, though he still describes the American Dragon as a "judgmental pr**k":

"I’ve known Bryan, and Bryan’s been a piece of sh-- since I met him. I’m not gonna lie to you guys and be like, ‘Oh yeah, we’re best buds.' “But I’m not a mark. I’m not a fan. If I think you’re a bad person or for Bryan, I think he’s a judgmental pr--k. He judges people, so I don’t like Bryan. There it is.” (H/T SEScoops)

Kingston and Bryan's tensions boiled over at Double or Nothing, resulting in their team's loss to JAS at the Vegas event.

What I like about Eddie Kingston is he shares awesome projects by cool people about great wrestling. What I don’t like about Eddie Kingston is Eddie Kingston.…

Bryan Danielson has already beaten Eddie Kingston in AEW

Long before their alliance of convenience, Bryan and Kingston fought one another in the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament.

That's the fired up @MadKing1981 that @bryandanielson wants to see in the #AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament semifinals this Friday on #AEWRampage - Tune in Live Nationwide for #AEWDynamite on @tntdrama NOW

The semi-finals clash exemplified the hatred shared between the two with intense physicality and venomous striking. The 16-minute war came to an end as Kingston passed out from submission, sending Bryan to the finals of the tournament he would eventually win.

Danielson went on to challenge for the AEW World Heavyweight title, failing on two occasions against former champion Hangman Page.

Kingston and Moxley appear to be shaping up for a rematch against the Jericho Appreciation Society. The bout is to occur in a Blood and Guts match. Time will tell if Bryan Danielson can put his issues aside and battle once more alongside the Mad King, for now he is out injured.

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