Eric Bischoff details conversation with major AEW star about 'learning the WWE way' to have a wrestling career

Eric Bischoff was the RAW General Manager from 2002 to 2005
Eric Bischoff was the RAW General Manager from 2002 to 2005

Eric Bischoff is known not to mince words when it comes to sharing his thoughts on the latest events in the wrestling industry. He recently recalled a conversation he had with Chris Jericho when he was in the dilemma of leaving WCW for WWE.

Jericho kickstarted his wrestling career on WCW before it was acquired by WWE in the early 2000s. While some stars aligned with the merger and continued to work with the new company, other dissatisfied talents took to other promotions. For those who did concede with the new employees, the transition was not an easy one for most talents as they felt they had to 'unlearn' quite a bit about the industry as they knew it.

On the latest edition of the 83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff discussed in-depth WWE's strict guidelines that talents have to adhere to in order to fit in the mold. The former RAW General Manager reflected on his conversation with a young Jericho, who cited that he had to 'learn the WWE way' to make it big in the field:

"Chris Jericho told me once that, we were having a really good conversation about Chris leaving WCW and going to WWE. And Chris was convinced he was ready for primetime in WWE. He was 100% confident until he got there. And I think and I'm paraphrasing this but I think Chris said, 'you know, I had to learn the WWE way. 'And part of that is unlearning the non-WWE way." [1:39 - 2:15]

Check out the entire interaction below:


Eric Bischoff applauded Tony Khan's acquisition for the AEW production team

Over the past year, Tony Khan and Eric Bischoff have exchanged numerous comments and criticisms against each other. Bischoff often took jabs at AEW for having similar booking styles to WCW and criticized the AEW President's decisive skills.

On the same edition of the 83 Weeks podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer claimed AEW's production was 'perfectly flawed' with their acquisition of Mike Mansury:

"I've said from day one that I prefer AEW's production values. It's not too glossy, it's not too pretty. It's perfectly flawed. I feel like I'm in the arena." And with Khan's recent hiring of former WWE production executive Mike Mansury, he believes that aspect is only going to improve going forward."

Last week, Dynamite crossed over 1 million views owing to Mark Briscoe's debut match in the promotion. Additionally, the show was dedicated as a tribute to Jay Briscoe upon his untimely passing. AEW has been in the limelight as a focal point of criticism by the wrestling fraternity.

What did you think of All Elite Wrestling's recent performance in viewership? Sound off in the comments.

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