PHOTO: Former WWE Superstar shares rare image with The Young Bucks following their AEW suspension

WWE logo (left), The Young Bucks (right)
WWE logo (left), The Young Bucks (right)

Former WWE and current AEW star Matt Hardy has shared a rare picture of the Hardy boys and the Young Bucks following the latter team's suspension from All Elite Wrestling.

The Bucks have recently been the talk of the pro-wrestling world for their alleged involvement in the backstage brawl after CM Punk's comments at the post-All Out media scrum. The latter called out the Bucks and Kenny Omega for their incompetence as EVPs. Following this, several stars involved in the brawl have reportedly been suspended.

However, it is apparent that their camaraderie with other stars has not diminished, which is evident from former WWE Champion Matt Hardy sharing a throwback picture of them:

"#TBT 2014 The first time The Hardys & The Bucks wrestled each other. Huge respect for these two," Hardy wrote.

You can check out the picture here:

#TBT 2014 The first time The Hardys & The Bucks wrestled each other. Huge respect for these two.

As of now, it remains to be seen how Tony Khan will handle the situation in the future.

Fans had varied reactions to the WWE veteran's tweet

With the Young Bucks being involved in the CM Punk controversy, Twitter users did not hesitate to start speculation about where Matt Hardy's loyalty lay.

Many have proclaimed that Hardy Boyz and the Bucks are two of the very best tag teams of all time in the world. They have also faced each other multiple times throughout the years. As such, the two teams have a sense of mutual respect.

Furthermore, Matt Hardy's tweet has sown the seeds for fans who believe he is siding with The Elite in the controversy.

@MATTHARDYBRAND @youngbucks So you picking your side rn with these pics and tweets huh ?
@MATTHARDYBRAND @youngbucks Thank you for showing unconditional love to them always Matt πŸ’žπŸ’ž
@MATTHARDYBRAND @youngbucks Both you and Jeff knew from experience exactly how this CM Punk experiment would end!

Some fans also questioned the WWE legend about his opinion of Punk.

Other comments applauded the Bucks and the Hardys for their talent.

@MATTHARDYBRAND @youngbucks Great matches. I still remember Taz calling matches of 'The Buck Brothers' in impact and you knew they were gonna be great!
@MATTHARDYBRAND @youngbucks Damn right. Two of the greatest teams right there.

With Jeff Hardy still out of the picture, only time will tell if fans will see the two teams have another match in the future.

Do you think Matt Hardy is siding with the Bucks in this controversy? Sound off in the comments below!

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