"He exposed them" - WWE veteran thinks The Elite is jealous of AEW star CM Punk and wants to get rid of him 

What caused a rift between these men?
What possibly caused a rift between these men?

Jim Cornette recently explained why Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks possibly want CM Punk out of AEW.

After a month-long investigation into the backstage incident between the Chicago native and The Elite, fans finally learned what the future holds for one of these parties. This past week, the company seemingly announced the imminent return of Omega and the Bucks after airing a cryptic vignette.

Meanwhile, uncertainty over Punk's future is looming large, especially after reports suggested that the company is looking to buy out his remaining contract.

Speaking on the Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the WWE veteran noted that The EVPs seemingly didn't want CM Punk in AEW because he exposed their limited drawing power:

"They didn't want Punk there from the start. I'm talking about the hardly boys [The Young Bucks] and old twinkle toes [Kenny Omega] because he exposed them. These guys he exposed for their limited audience," Cornette said. (3:38)

Cornette also added that Tony Khan might have realized that The Second City Saint has more appeal to fans than the Elite, which the latter became envious of:

"He [Tony Khan] thought that he could f**king put together a national wrestling promotion on their backs. When he found out those backs weren't wide enough to carry it. He had to start bringing in stars. They got somebody was doing numbers. And they were jealous of it because not only was he [Punk] doing bigger numbers than they were, but he was doing it with wrestling instead of their brand of convoluted western swing dancing. So those three guys they needed Punk out of there because he was exposing the whole myth of The Elite as this massive powerful force around wrestling," he added. (4: 17)

You can check out the full clip below:


WWE tipped to sign CM Punk if he leaves AEW

CM Punk's return to WWE seems within the realm of possibility after rumors surfaced that a hold-up over the non-compete issue has precluded the company from sacking him.

Jim Cornette recently weighed in on the situation and urged Triple H to bring The Straight Edge Superstar back to WWE:

"Now would be the perfect time for Triple H to show the world that he will put business in front of personal feelings. Because again one of the greatest lines in the history of wrestling, it was never uttered on television was what [CM] Punk said to Triple H in the locker room: ‘I don’t need to work with you, you need to work with me,’” said Cornette.

Despite The Game reportedly being interested in signing CM Punk, the two sides haven't held talks about a potential return to WWE.

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