"I heard it almost got physical" - Konnan on real-life dissension between top AEW tag team members

Does Konnan have some inside information into AEW
Does Konnan have some inside information into AEW's internal conflicts?

AEW has had quite a lot of internal issues, but recently WCW veteran Konnan yet again confirmed that Santana and Ortiz are not on good terms at all.

The duo were often celebrated for their explosive talent and were once hailed as the future of the tag-team division. Unfortunately, the stars were seemingly underutilized, and they disappeared from television once Chris Jericho betrayed them.

During the recent Keepin' It 100 episode, Konnan - who knows the AEW duo - personally revealed that the problems between the former tag team are painfully personal and led to Santana nearly coming to blows with Eddie Kingston.

"Yeah, they ain’t talking to each other and it breaks my heart ‘cause I spend a lot of time with them and I’ve said this before, they’re like my sons and I heard it almost got physical with Santana and [Eddie] Kingston over this, and it’s not a good look," Konnan said. [From 00:48 onward]

While Ortiz has featured on the promotion a few times since their feud with Jericho, with his last bout being a team-up with Eddie Kingston on DARK Elevation, Santana is reportedly injured and will be out for a number of months.

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Konnan believes that Santana will likely part ways with AEW once his contract expires

AEW has unfortunately suffered from a number of internal issues over the past few months. While CM Punk and The Elite's backstage brawl brought their issues to light, Santana and Ortiz's issues predate the All Out scuffle.

During the same episode, the WCW veteran claimed that the duo could have done well in WWE, but Santana will likely go his own way.

"I really hate seeing that these two guys that could’ve gone to WWE and blown up have separated. I can see Santana, when his contract is up, leaving. Ortiz is very chilled, [and] laid back, and Santana is more of a hot head. He [Ortiz] was comfortable in his role, and Santana wants more," Konnan claimed. [From 01:04 onward]

It remains to be seen if Santana decides to jump ship instead, especially since he was the inaugural LAWE World Champion before having to vacate the belt.

With his status with the Latin American promotion, could the star decide to "call it quits" with AEW instead? Sounds off in the comments section below.

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