"It’s wrapped around a big, nice, juicy turkey" - Former WWE United States Champion hints at taking Chris Jericho's title from him

Chris Jericho has won multiple World Championship across his career.
Chris Jericho has won multiple World Championship across his career.

Chris Jericho is arguably the biggest star on the AEW roster, and with the ROH World Championship, he has a big target on his back. Jericho might just have his biggest challenge ahead, as Samoa Joe recently hinted at having intentions to dethrone the veteran.

During this year's AEW Grand Slam, Jericho shockingly defeated Claudio Castagnoli for the ROH World Championship after the former Swiss Superman held the belt for only 60 days. Since then, THE OCHO has been on a warpath, tearing through everything and any ROH stars he meets.

During an interview with Ian Douglass of The Ringer, Samoa Joe levied a thinly veiled threat Chris Jericho's way.

"We’re out here trophy hunting," said Joe. "Not only is the ROH championship a very prized trophy of mine, but it’s wrapped around a big, nice, juicy turkey, so I’m more than willing to don that championship again." [H/T: TheRinger]
#andSTILL! Chris Jericho defeats Colt Cabana to retain his ROH World Championship. I don't know about you guys, but I will never forget about this. Lmfao#AEWDynamite

Unfortunately, Samoa Joe will have to go through the entire Jericho Appreciation Society - who will likely stop at nothing to defend their patriarch - if he ever wants to recapture the ROH World Championship.

One of the star's recent accolades spoke up on why they joined Chris Jericho's self-titled faction.

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Chris Jericho recently took to social media to show off his physique on his 52nd birthday

It's often shocking to realize that THE OCHO has not only been in professional wrestling for over 30 years but that the veteran is already 52. Many current wrestling fans likely grew up watching Y2J capture the Undisputed Championship or have one of the best-received feuds against Shawn Michaels.

In light of his 52nd birthday (09th November), Chris Jericho took to social media to show off his incredible physique.

At 52, the star seems to be in better shape than many of his fellow wrestlers 20 years his junior.

Some have even claimed that the star looks like he's 20 years old again, but it's clear he's in the best shape of his life. Samoa Joe will definitely have a massive challenge if he hopes to dethrone THE OCHO.

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