"It was unwatchable" - WWE veteran savagely roasts The Elite's in-ring return after 2 months at AEW Full Gear

The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega are considered the backbone of AEW.
The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega are considered the backbone of AEW.

AEW Full Gear was recently the stage for the return of one of the promotion's most popular stables, The Elite. However, WWE veteran Jim Cornette believes their return match was simply "unwatchable."

The Elite have been away from AEW since their backstage scuffle with CM Punk in the now infamously termed "Brawl Out." Ever since things have seemingly been resolved with an internal investigation, the promotion had been teasing their return.

During a recent episode of The Jim Cornette Experience, Jim Cornette slammed the stars' AEW Full Gear return.

"They, in their minds, and in the universe of their small little clique of stooges – these three think that they’re the s**t! They think that they’re f**king superstars! (…) The guys who built the company and the ones whose petty and masturbatory fantasies of themselves are gonna tear it down!" (02:32:48 onward).

Continuing, the veteran brutally tore apart The Elite's upcoming 'Best of Seven' Series with Death Triangle and their prior matches.

"All six of these guys only ever have one match, and they do the same s**t every time. And to be honest, if I stopped to break down how stupid and phony each of these middle-school cheerleading routines were, it would take three hours and people would be bored. It was unwatchable to anyone who’s ever been a fan of pro wrestling or considered themselves a professional in this industry." (02:34:13 onward).

The Elite are reportedly back in their full roles as Executive Vice Presidents as the trio - according to Tony Khan - are resuming their production responsibilities.

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Jim Cornette believes that the decisions following Full Gear are why AEW is ultimately doomed

Wrestling veterans like Jim Cornette have been very vocal about their issues with All Elite Wrestling, especially with Tony Khan's booking decisions. While fans online seem to be more positive about the upcoming Best of Seven Series, Cornette believes it's the type of booking that spells the end of AEW.

We're about to get 7 weeks of Death Triangle vs Elite. My favourite wrestlers in the world. I'm absolutely stoked. AEW is back.

During the same podcast episode, the former wrestling manager detailed why he believes booking The Elite this prominently is a mistake.

"This match and the people in it are the reason why AEW is doomed. This s**t appeals to a small but very dedicated audience who don’t like wrestling, they like f**king stunts and flips. And this cannot and never will sell mainstream – there’s no content to it." (02:37:13 onward).

Some fans have argued that the Trios Championships were simply made for The Elite, so could this tournament be what etches that theory into stone? Or is Tony Khan simply trying to make up for lost time due to their suspension?

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