Jake Roberts says former WWE Superstar "would definitely be pushed" if he was in charge of AEW booking

Jake Roberts is a WWE Hall of Famer.
Jake Roberts is a WWE Hall of Famer.

AEW is truly lucky to have Jake Roberts on its books. Not only is The Snake a menacing on-screen character, but he is also one of the greatest minds in the business. He recently spoke about his desire to work with the promotion's creative team and noted one major change he would make regarding a former WWE Superstar.

The star in question is none other than Lance Archer, whom Roberts has been managing since 2020. While the Murderhawk Monster has had some memorable moments in Tony Khan's company, he is yet to reach the heights many believe he is capable of.

Speaking on his Snake Pit podcast, Roberts said that if he was booking AEW, he would ensure that Archer gets pushed:

“As far as storylines and things go, Lance Archer would be involved, he would definitely be pushed. It’s a huge question to answer, it would be one that takes time. Yeah, I can give you storylines, but let’s sit down and look at this.” [H/T: Inside The Ropes]

Roberts has previously spoken about Archer's spell in the Jacksonville-based promotion and questioned why he has not won a world title yet. What's next for the former IWGP United States Champion remains to be seen.

Lance Archer's last AEW match

After a four-month absence, Lance Archer returned to AEW on a July episode of Rampage, where he defeated Trent Beretta. He would then challenge Orange Cassidy for the International Championship at Battle of the Belts VI.

Despite dominating much of the match, Archer was unable to secure the victory. Instead, Cassidy won the bout via count-out and retained his title.

While this match was by no means a burial, it exemplifies the frustration that Jake Roberts and much of the fanbase share regarding Archer's booking. The Murderhawk Monster is undeniably a talented performer but, as of yet, has not been presented as a major player for the promotion.

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