Jim Cornette calls former WWE Superstar's heel turn "rotten booking" by AEW 

Jim Cornette wasn
Jim Cornette is a veteran ringside manager

AEW's booking has often received a hefty verbal beating from Jim Cornette, who has voiced his thoughts on Tony Khan's ideas. In light of Saraya and Toni Storm's recent heel turns, the veteran gave his two cents on the matter.

Saraya's AEW debut was initially met with a ton of praise. Unfortunately, she lost a lot of momentum after her first promo. Similarly, Toni Storm was positioned as a major star when she first debuted, but fans are yet to get behind her even after a run as AEW Women's Champion.

During a recent episode of The Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the veteran questioned whether Saraya's poorly received booking could be why she's a heel today.

"Three months later, she’s a f**king heel by popular demand? Was it the rotton booking that accidentally made it necessary or was this the idea that they had and they pulled it off to perfection?" noted Cornette. (01:10:18 onward)
Saraya & Toni Storm turn heel 😳 #AEW #AEWDynamite

WCW veteran Konnan also weighed in on Storm and Saraya's heel turns, seemingly looking forward to their future direction. He notably stated that the two had no connection with fans and were getting stale, making this a welcome change.

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Jim Cornette jokingly compared Saraya and Toni Storm's AEW heel turn to a contrived plot

A major section of the All Elite Wrestling fanbase has not been too happy with Saraya's storyline as of late, with many criticizing the promotion for seemingly teasing Mercedes Moné's debut. Additionally, many took to social media to claim they could see The Anti-Diva's heel turn coming on Dynamite.

After an emotional outpour from @Saraya, the challenge has been made! @Saraya will make her #AEW in-ring debut against Dr. @realbrittbaker D.M.D at #AEWFullGear LIVE on PPV on Saturday November 19!#AEWDynamite is LIVE on @TBSNetwork!

During the same episode, Cornette expressed how puzzled he was by the decision and questioned if it was planned all along.

"What would have been the motivation to do this on purpose? Could this have been a Machiavellian evil plot to bring this girl in that got the raves and is back, returning from a career-ending neck injury, a sympathetic babyface with a worldwide following and she was so [popular] for the first week?" (01:09:50 onward).

Some fans are speculating if Tony Khan is building up to an AEW-originals vs. former-WWE stars feud. Moreover, since Moné is a heel, this could be the best way to pair her with Saraya.

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