Jim Cornette says former WWE Superstar has a "stinky rotten f**king gimmick" in AEW, calls it "bullsh*t"

Jim Cornette is disappointed with a top AEW act!
Jim Cornette is disappointed with a top AEW act!

Wrestling veteran Jim Cornette recently lashed out at former WWE and current AEW star Malakai Black. The Dutchman and The House of Black (w/Julia Hart) haven't been a part of a meaningful feud since returning on the November 23rd episode of Dynamite last year.

At the Winter is Coming special, the trio defeated QT Marshall, Cole Karter, and Aaron Solo in a three-way match. Since then, the HOB hasn't feuded with any major factions except for a brief rivalry against Eddie Kingston and Ortiz.

Speaking on the Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the veteran called Malakai Black's sinister persona a "stinky rotten f**king" gimmick.

Cornette went on to say that the House of Black should focus on becoming "mean" in the ring instead of playing mind games every week:

"Here's the problem. The House of Black, as we've talked about, there's not even debate on this now, is a stinky rotten f**king gimmick and has been since the start and Malakai Black everything he's done has stunk because it's all a mind game spooky bullsh*t instead of just being mean f**king wrestlers," Cornette said.

Cornette also took issue with Buddy Matthews' name change since his WWE release and called out AEW for not developing characters on television:

"As a name, Buddy Matthews might as well be Nobody Jones. I don't know why that, especially for a guy in a spooky group, I know he couldn't use his previous name, which I believe was Buddy Murphy... Nobody is developing talent before putting them on television anymore. Except the WWE, and they don't develop them. They f**king sanitize them, homogenize them, and pasteurize them," he added. [1:45 - 2:41]

You can check out the full video below:


Former WWE Star Buddy Matthews wrestled on AEW Dynamite last week

Buddy Matthews returned to singles in-ring competition on AEW Dynamite for the first time in nearly five months.

The Australian star challenged Darby Allin for the TNT Championship on a show that was dedicated to the late Jay Briscoe's legacy. Matthews remained unsuccessful despite interference from The House of Black during the bout.

What makes Darby Allin a great champion isn't just the high quality matches he has. It's the quality of opponents he gets. Buddy Matthews and Samoa Joe are prime examples of that. #AEWDynamite

This marked the former Cruiserweight Champion's third singles match since debuting in All Elite Wrestling last year. Following his devastating loss, it will be interesting to see what the company has in store for him and his stablemates en route to Revolution pay-per-view.

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